Hamilton Devices’ First Pipe

The Daypipe, is a departure from Hamilton’s usual line up. Meant to function as a discrete and portable day pipe. You’ll find no built-in power sources or batteries though. I am always intrigued when a company, who has mastered their game and Hamilton has, branches out and offers something distinct, engaging, and outside their typical offerings. The Daypipe is precisely that, bringing Hamilton into the dry herb game while not offering standard products.

The Daypipe by Hamilton Devices


Once again, upon opening the shipping package, I was greeted by the beautiful yet subtle black and silver Hamilton Devices packaging. I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a company that puts thought into their products’ packaging, and Hamilton always succeeds here. Not only is the packaging secure, gorgeous, and frustration-free, but the way the box opens adds that little something that makes opening a Hamiton device fun.

The Daypipe is an exciting device. Its shape is striking and sleek, with modern and clean lines. My review unit came in graphite and silver, but Hamilton also offers a red and silver colorway. I appreciate its simple, utilitarian design. At first glance, I’ll be the first to admit I did not quite understand how the Daypipe worked. But, it only took a minute, and I found that it’s quite an ingenious design.

First off, the basic design consists of the following: two cylinders that make up the pipe’s main body and a bowl. The “bowl” consists of a small basket that fits inside the central cylinder, which is screwed into the central cylinder and hidden by screwing on a small end cap.


The two cylinders rotate, which exposes the basket-like “bowl” on the front of the device. Turn again, and the bowl is now closed. Repeat, and you have a new bowl. You can get four fresh bowls by fully rotating the internal section. But here is the kicker, not only does the central cylinder rotate 360 degrees, but you can pull this portion towards you, with a satisfying click, to expose the lower section of the basket and four new bowls!

The Daypipe Review


And this is what is really interesting about this pipe, the basket. For starters, it holds 1.6 grams of dry herb in total! Because the basket itself is a cylinder, you’re essentially exposing a new section of unburned flower each time you rotate the device to reveal the bowl. Hamilton claims eight .2g bowls off a well-packed basket. This makes a great pipe to load up and drop in your pocket or bag. It’s excellent to discreetly smoke while you’re doing some yard work or on a hike because it’s so easy to quickly pack away.


I find the Daypipe sits really nicely in the hand while smoking, but it’s quite heavy for the size of the unit. It’s not a bad thing; I was surprised, though. It fits well in a pocket, but I find it better suited to a bag. I found that while it stayed vertical in my pocket for some time, it would fall over after a while and fit quite awkwardly. But in my bag, I could easily throw it in the front pocket, or it fits in one of the pen pouches quite nicely. Cleaning was reasonably easy with the included brush. And I greatly appreciate how the entire device breaks down. This further helps with the cleaning effort when you want to give the whole device a thorough wipedown.

Smoking out of the day pipe was nice. I used a classic GG#4. Flavors were as well preserved as they can be with combusted flower. The hits were solid, and the entire basket lasted me quite a while. Maybe not a full day, but we’re in quarantine, right?

Taste: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 4/5
Overall score: 4.5/5

One tip I may offer if you decide to pick up the Daypipe. While you may be tempted to throw the box out, I suggest you don’t. At the very least, remove the small foam block at the bottom of the box that the Daypipe sits in. While this device is made to be used on the go, you still will need to set it down. And when I say this thing is a perfect cylinder, I mean it. On a smooth, unbalanced table, it will roll right off! The foam block makes an excellent stand; you use the foam to store or to pack the basket.

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