The 17 Benefits of Cannabis for Women and Why Women Should Smoke More

For all the ladies out there that want to know facts about marijuana and what it can do for them...

When it comes to cannabis there is a huge debate about it. On one side, people are for it, and the other hand people are not for it. This article is not a debate about which side is right but facts about cannabis and the benefits they give women and why smoking marijuana could give women these benefits. Yes, I know there are benefits that men get from smoking cannabis, but this article is going to be for all the ladies out there that want to know facts about marijuana and what it can do for them. Now, before we get into it, cannabis affects everyone differently. There might be someone who gets some of the benefits I have listed below while others might not get even one benefit out of this list. It all depends on your body and it reacts to cannabis.

So, here you go ladies! Here is an article for you about 17 benefits of cannabis that can help women and why women should smoke more! I will even throw in some extra facts and benefits to help you, even more, to become educated in the world of cannabis and smoking and to see if this is the next best thing in your life! Or, if you want to just pass and keep doing your thing without the help of cannabis that is fine, too!


1.   Cannabis Can Help With Periods

Some women have horrible periods, and I mean HORRIBLE. I am one of them, and most of my best friends have them too. Mine can be where I am on the ground in a ball crying because of my cramps. Several of my friends have even gotten sick because the cramps were so bad. Cannabis can help women because Tetrahydrocannabinol which is in cannabis can help with bloating, headaches, and even nausea. With the help of marijuana, women can be on their periods and still be able to go to work without all of the pain and running to the bathroom to throw up. Some women say marijuana is more effective than prescribed medications and they also use it because it is more natural.

This is a great thing for the men whose women turn into the “rings girl” when it is their time of the month. Shout out to my husband who always seems to sense when my week is upon us! Do us a favor, give us some ice cream, chocolate, a movie, and a blunt and then leave us the hell alone for about a week!


2. Marijuana Can Help You Lose Weight

We women always seem to be the one gaining weight! Men can gain weight but then lose it by running to the grocery store! What if I told you smoking marijuana could help you lose a little bit of weight? If you are dealing with obesity, this can help you substantial because a study has found that regular people smoking marijuana are less likely to become obese than people who do not.

Studies have also shown cannabis users have low BMIs which leads to fewer body fats and thus less risk of having diabetes. This can be a huge health advantage because we all know if you are obese or have diabetes then you are more than likely taking several different medications to help your body function properly.

Getting rid of all of those medications and trying to live a happy, healthy, life is something that everyone wants to do. I am no doctor, and I do not recommend that you just stop taking all of your medications and start smoking every day. I would suggest you communicate to your doctor about all of this before you start trying. Your health and your life are important.


3. Smoking with Your Girlfriends Can Bring You Closer

You might already be close to your friends or, you might be a loner. Both of those are okay to do. However, you might want to make friends with some of the ladies in your neighborhood or maybe at work or the moms on your child's soccer team. The point I am trying to make is that you get to know someone when you are sitting around eating Doritos, talking about how much you hate men or the girl that tried to take your man and smoking some marijuana. That right there can get pretty serious, and it sounds like a perfect time!

We all need some friends in our lives to vent to, cry with, and so forth and so on. Marijuana could be the icebreaker you need to get closer to your friends you already have or a group of girls you want to hang out with. How you get ladies over to your house to have a marijuana party is going to be up to you to decide that.


4. Women Athletes Are Less Sore and Can Perform Better

Many athletes have stated that smoking cannabis does help them train and also helps their muscles not be sore as they would be without cannabis. Even people who are not athletes have stated that they will use marijuana while working out so afterward instead of being painful they are refreshed and can continue the day. This is because cannabis has an anti-inflammatory effect on the muscles. Some muscles in people with a start to burn and become sore when they are working out. Most will put ice packs on muscles, take a refreshing shower, so forth and so on.

Because cannabis has become somewhat popular and legal in some states, many are finding out that marijuana does help with training. This can lead athletes to work out more and longer to get ready for their event coming up.


5. Cannabis Helps Women with Their Anxiety

Studies have shown that women suffer from anxiety disorders twice as more than men. I am not saying men cannot have anxiety, but most women do have a particular type of stress. I for one do, I have anxiety and panic attacks almost every single day. I deal with them and have learned some of my triggers that bring on a panic attack. Cannabis can help with a woman’s anxiety, tension, and stress. Vanderbilt University did a study and confirmed that marijuana could help alleviate some stress and the symptoms anxiety causes. Most people have anxiety but do not know how to “control” or “deal with it.”

Cannabis is one of the ways to not stop having anxiety but to control somehow the amount of stress a person may have. Cannabis will not solve all of the problems, however, if you live with anxiety regularly, having just 5 minutes of not having any anxiety or the symptoms that relate to stress is a dream come true! 


6. Marijuana Can Help With Motherhood

This one might get much negative feedback. I am not saying you should smoke in front of your children. I suggest you do it after they leave for school.  Being a mother is no easy job, sometimes you want to rip your hair out because nothing is going according to the plan. Yes, I also agree that being a father is no easy task as well. Maybe you are a single mother, and you just lost your job, or you forgot to pay the bills, you spilled your coffee, your kids are late for school, you are late for work, and the dog just got injured. Marijuana is not going to fix any of those problems. Sometimes you need to retake a step and breathe for a second. Having a cool head on your shoulders will go a long way than just getting all upset and blowing up on everything and everyone.

My time to cool down is when I am working out to work out all of the frustrations built up. There are many ways to calm down after a long day of work or just being a stay at home mother. I completely understand what it is like to be a mom and I also know that us moms, just need five minutes to go the bathroom without a child either in there or banging on the door demanding to be let in!


7. Cannabis = Creativity

Maybe you have a project at work that you have to get done to impress your boss. You have no clue what you are going to do and have nowhere to start. A study back in 2012 was conducted and found people are more creative when they use marijuana in a language sense. This means that marijuana increased the verbal fluency in great creatives with the same level as small creatives. I know how hard it is to become creative at some point in your life.

I suck at any creativity, especially when it comes to art projects! If I did not have my best friend in art class with me, I would have failed that class! There are even some music artists who do smoke cannabis from time to time to get the juices flowing to write another number 1 hit.


8. Marijuana Can Help Women Who Are Dealing With Insomnia

I did not have to deal with insomnia until I got pregnant. After that, there are times when I stay awake the whole night sometimes because I cannot shut up my brain off long enough to get some rest. I found out that is not surprising because 63% of women deal with insomnia every night. Men are 54% with dealing with insomnia battles. What if I told you that marijuana helps people who are dealing with insomnia to sleep through the night? Taking a few hits before you go to bed can help you sleep better at night and let you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

There might be some people out there who do not feel sleepy while they are smoking marijuana. Everybody is different with how it reacts to it. There is also the possibility that you have to find the right kind of marijuana to help with insomnia you are dealing with. Moreover, of course, you can always ask your doctor about your insomnia and see what they think.


9. Cannabis Can Help You Become Confident

There are several times when you need a confidence boost about yourself. We all have bad thoughts about ourselves especially us women when it comes to how we look when we step in front of a mirror. Cannabis will help you gain that confidence you need to ask that cute boy or girl out you have been admiring from afar at your workplace or the local bar you go to! Alternatively, you might have just broken up with your boyfriend, and you are feeling pretty shitty about it. Cannabis can help you get that confidence you need to pick yourself up, throw all of his shit away, and move on with your life like the sexy beast you are!

With all of the real effects, it can give you; there are some bad effects as well. When you start smoking, if you do not have happy thoughts than it might even make you unhappy if you are the type of person who gets highly sensitive to marijuana. The best bet is to get into a real thought process before you start smoking. Say some good thoughts about yourself, take a few puffs, say even surprising things about yourself, and then go out with your girlfriends and sing every breakup song you know as loud as possible!


10. Marijuana Can Help Kill Cancer Cells

This is probably the most significant benefit I feel like marijuana/cannabis has to offer. I have many family members who have died from all types of cancer. Some of them I was very close to, and one of them raised me. I was young when they died, and I do not want to think about them suffering until they did pass.

The US government did admit that cannabis can and does shrink cancer cells. However, there have not been enough studies done to understand how and if the cancer cells do die entirely. I have seen videos where cannabis oil does wonders for people with disabilities, and they live a happy life because of cannabis oil. We all agree that more tests and studies should and need to be done because this plant can save lives in the long run. 


11. Cannabis Does Wonders for Your Sex Life

Much research has been done to prove that marijuana does have an aphrodisiac effect on women which can lead to increasing the orgasm strength. In fact, there was a lube that was infused with cannabis made and sold from Foria. This just proves that marijuana does help with the sex life, ladies!

The reason why marijuana is so right before sex is that cannabis helps lower inhibitions and decreases anxiety in women. This lets women let their guard down and enjoy such time alone with their partner instead of worrying about the damn dishes that need to get done. As for the increase in the orgasm, there has been some study done that supports that. Couples who smoke marijuana before sex usually takes their time which can lead more build-up of myotonia (muscular tension) and vasocongestion (blood flow to the genitals). This can have the couples feel completely comfortable, relaxed and sexy all at the same time which can lead to an orgasm that you have never experienced before.


12. Marijuana Can Replace Your Everyday Coffee

Most people begin their day off with a cup or two of coffee. There are always jokes about how people cannot talk to other people until they have had at least one cup of coffee. What if I tell you that marijuana can have the same effect on you as coffee does? There have been people who have said they gave up coffee and just took a couple of drags of marijuana to help them start the day. One good side to this is that marijuana does not have all of the sugar and caffeine as coffee does.

Most of you are probably thinking about the “smelly” type of marijuana when you are reading this. There are different types when it comes to marijuana and with various types of color and smells. Most smoke colorful, good smells marijuana when they choose it over coffee. You need scents that pack a punch as in waking yourself up, not stinking up the whole house to where you want to run out. There are several stores (depending on where you live) that can tell you what ones are the best when it comes to replacing coffee in the morning and helping you start the day off right. I would not suggest though getting all high and acting weird when you show up to your job. 


13. Smoking Cannabis Is Healthier Than Alcohol

Just like every other fact, I have stated, there has been researched done to see if cannabis is safer than alcohol. The results are in, and one study has reported that smoking marijuana is safer than drinking alcohol….114 times safer. The research examined the effects of cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, and numerous others. Marijuana is safer than all of those I have stated and much more.

Yes, there have been people saying red wine is healthy for you and such. I have not done any research on wine just cannabis, and this is what the studies are telling me. You can gladly stick to wine if that is what you want. However, do not be surprised if some of your female friends say they smoke a joint to wind down from the day than a glass of wine.


14. Marijuana Can Help Fight Breast Cancer

Yes, I have already stated that marijuana can fight particular types of cancer. However, the one type of cancer that most women get and die from is breast cancer. We all know what breast cancer is and we probably all have lost someone when it comes to breast cancer. I lost several female family members to this type of cancer so I felt that this kind of cancer needed a paragraph of its own to explain the benefits that marijuana can do for the people fighting with it. There have been studies that have stated the compounds found in a cannabis plant can help slow the breast cancer cells. This means that the plant can help stop the spread of the cancer cells throughout the body. We all know that the spreading of disease is what gets everyone. If this plant can help not only stop the growth of cancer cells but also prevent cancer from growing, this could save thousands, hundreds of lives each year.

Cancer is one of the biggest factors when it comes to people dying each year. More research needs to be done to say for certain what types of benefits marijuana has to beat this kind of cancer. The first step is admitting that this plant can do wonders for the body and then actually do some research to help save lives all throughout the world. Only 6% of studies on marijuana have been for medical purposes.


15. You and Your Partner Can Be On the Same Level While Smoking Cannabis

Cannabis is not just for great sex time. Smoking with your partner can bring you two together. It puts you on the same level so you can two can talk about things you might not want to talk about when you are sober. Like I stated before, it gives you that confidence you need to speak the truth to your partner that you may be scared to say. This is also an excellent way to talk when you both have had a fight. Now, I am not saying every single time you fight to go light up and then talk about it. I am mean you calm down while smoking and you can think clearly about the fight you just had. You can see where the other person is coming from and why the fight even happened in the first place.

Another great thing about smoking with your partner is to let them know that women can smoke just like guys do. Most people assume smoking cannabis is a “guy thing” and women should not or cannot do it, too. When you smoke with your partner, you are letting them know you both are on the same level and should be treated the same way.


16. Marijuana Is Better Than Cigarettes

There have been two different sides when it comes to whether if marijuana is killing your lungs or helping your lungs. This is most certainly one of the main arguments people use when they are not for marijuana, just like when they are not for cigarettes.  I have found that some researchers who write for “Journal of the American Medical Association” has stated that marijuana smokers who take significant drags of cannabis to help train their lungs to become more efficient.


Some tests have been done, and marijuana smoker’s lungs are better than people who have smoked cigarettes and also people who never smoke at all. Which is ideal for individuals who have lungs that work! I have terrible asthma at times when I am around smoke and when I do hardcore workouts. Thankfully though, I have not had to use my inhaler since freshmen year of high school! However, I do not like the smell of any smoke, whether it is from cigarettes or marijuana. To each their own I guess. I know some people who enjoy the smell of certain types of cigarettes or marijuana.


17. Women Can Get High Faster Than Men

A study from Washington State University has stated that women rats are more sensitive THC than the male rats. Women can become even more vulnerable when they are ovulating. This can be good and bad for us females.

The bad thing is that women who are sensitive to cannabis already can have even more adverse side effects, such as paranoia and anxiety. If you already deal with fear or anxiety, then it can increase and become even more intense than it usually is. You will want to be careful if you are just starting to try cannabis to see how your body reacts to it. Knowing your limits to when it comes to marijuana use is important.

The good thing to this is that females do not need that much cannabis to get high. This is amazing because getting high faster than men means you probably do not have to spend that much money on marijuana. Which means you can buy that extra pair of shoes or those new clothes you have been looking at for a while! I would say that is a huge win for the ladies on both sides!


Extra - Wait!  There are more benefits!  Keep on reading...

18. Cannabis Is Better Than Pharmaceuticals

As you may know, cannabis is better than some of the things we consume. Most women choose marijuana over several different medications because the plant is natural and healthier than the other choice. Anxiety and depression alone have skyrocketed when it comes to treatments and medicines to help. In 2009, a study was shown that 40 million took medications to help with anxiety and the symptoms that anxiety has. Xanax is one of the traditional drugs that are prescribed on a daily basis. Oxycontin is another popular drug that people can get addicted to quickly. In 2014, 50,000 Americans died of drug overdoses, whether it was intentional or not. This number was higher than individuals who died in car wrecks.

Getting addicted to pain medications can easily be done without your knowledge of it at first. I had to have several pain medications when I ended up having an emergency C-section. My body quickly went through withdrawals when the medications were finally out of my system. I can understand how rapidly and innocently one can get addicted. Because of these reasons, many people have decided to get off some medications and go to smoking cannabis for some relief. (Please be sure to consult your doctor before suddenly stopping any prescribed medications)


19. Marijuana Can Help You Give Up Heroin

I am not judging nor am I a doctor that can tell you this works or how it works, so forth and so on. There has been some research done at the University of Columbia. Some of the researchers study patients who were going for treatment for heroin use. They found out that the patients who smoked marijuana was able to be less anxious, sleep, and was able to complete their treatments. Another thing that the researchers discovered that giving the patients dronabinol which had the ingredient THC (which is also found in cannabis) helped the patients with their withdrawal symptoms.

More research needs to be done of course to make sure that this is a better way to help people get off not only heroin but other opiates as well. However, some people do say smoking marijuana can lead to other drugs such as heroin. I guess only time will tell whether which side is right.

There have been stats out that says opiate-related deaths had declined in America when we started legalizing marijuana use. I do not know if that is because cannabis helps or if it is just a coincidence.  (19)


20. Just Like Cancer, Cannabis Can Also Help Cure Diseases and Seizures

We now know that there has been researched done that explains how cannabis can help fight all types of cancer including breast cancer. So, why shouldn’t marijuana help with other types of diseases and possibly seizures? Well, I am here to inform you that cannabis does help! Several different types of studies have been done on several various kinds of diseases and seizures. Here are a few of them!


Glaucoma is the word that everyone has heard of when it comes to marijuana. It is a joke that people use every time I turn on the TV when marijuana first became popular. Glaucoma is where there is pressure in the eyeball and damages the optic nerve which can cause someone to lose their sight. The National Eye Institute has research that marijuana decreases the pressure around the eyeball and slows down the disease. This can give people more time to be able to see and not go blind.


Epileptic Seizures

Epileptic Seizures are another one that cannabis can help people with. A study was done back in 2003 with lab rats. The rats did not have an epileptic seizure for 10 hours after being given cannabis. THC (which is found in marijuana and is one of the active ingredients) binds the brain cells which control relaxation and excitability and which can trigger an epileptic seizure.


Dravet Syndrome

Another seizure that I have not heard of is called Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome can cause developmental delays and seizures. A young girl’s parents decided to try giving their children a strain of marijuana that was low in THC and high in cannabidiol. The results are surprising, to say the least! The young girl went from having about 300 seizures a week down to one every seven days! Not only is this young child going through this type of treatment, but several other children (in fact 40) are also going through this kind of treatment to help with their seizures! The reason why this is working, according to one doctor, is because the plant interacts with brain cells that do the excessive activity which can cause seizures to happen.

As of right now, doctors and the Pediatrics Associations does not state that marijuana can help with these types of seizures. Hopefully, in the future, there can be some evidence that helps prove this does work and more doctors are willing to step forward and allow it to become a treatment. As a mother, if my child could find peace and this type of plant would allow that, I would most definitely be wanting some!


Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is probably one of the terrifying things you have to look forward to when you get older. Most people do not get it and then are some that do. There have been numerous studies on trying to figure out why this happens and if there is any cure for this disease. Marijuana might be one of the answers we have been looking for! 

Kim Janda led a study and had suggested that marijuana might be able to slow down the process of Alzheimer's disease! The study was done back in 2006 and stated that THC which is an active ingredient in cannabis slows amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme that makes them in the brain. Amyloid plaques are what causes Alzheimer's disease and kill brain cells.


Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis has many painful symptoms that just plain sucks to whoever has this. Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study stating that cannabis might be able to ease some of these painful symptoms that people might have with multiple sclerosis.

The study was done with 30 individuals who have multiple sclerosis and was in pain all the time. Their bodies did not respond to any treatments that might have helped them with the pain. The patients then started to smoke marijuana for a couple of days and noticed the pain decreased a little bit.

How this happened is that THC in marijuana binds the receptors in the muscles and nerves to help relieve some of the pain. Other studies have been done and said cannabis also helps with muscle spasms.  However, you have to remember that not all of the pain was gone away so if you do have multiple sclerosis do not think that cannabis is going to take it all away. 



There are pros and cons to everything you consume. That is a fact, whether you are eating foods, taking medications, or even smoking cannabis.  As I stated before, you have to take it slow and know your limits when you start taking cannabis for the first time and if you start taking it regularly. Knowing your limits is a major factor for not only cannabis but for drinking, smoking, so forth and so on. It can turn dangerous if you are not aware of what your body is telling you. There are many facts to state that cannabis is safe for you and for the female body. Not just the female body but also for the male body as well.

Cannabis is still in the early stages with all of the research everyone wants to do with it here in America. I am quite confident more testing will continue to be done, and more facts will come out about cannabis and the effects it does to the human body. More than 20 states in the country have legalized medical marijuana and the stages are just now getting started. This is just the beginning!

Of course, the choice is yours if you want to start smoking marijuana or not. However, I hope this article sheds some light about some of the benefits cannabis can do for the female body and give you the information you might have been looking for when deciding if you would like to start smoking or not. Or, if there was any type of benefit from smoking marijuana.

I have enjoyed putting this article together with some interesting facts about cannabis! I hope you have enjoyed reading this as well and I hope you did not get lost while doing so! If you loved this article, please feel free to like it, comment on it, and even share it so all of your female friends can get to read it as well! They might want to start lighting up! You never know who will be asking for a joint now that the times are changing!