Strain Review: White Strawberry Diesel

Written by Amanda Coleman - Feature Image provided by Good Chemistry Nurseries


When I see White Strawberry Diesel, there’s this little sparkle in my soul and I get butterflies. Hands down this writer's favorite strain. White Strawberry Diesel is a vastly underappreciated strain in the legalized cannabis world. WSD is the definition of “yummy”. This delicious cross between White Salmon and Strawberry Diesel beautifully elevates the consumer, while still relaxing the muscles. While Strawberry Diesel is a decently respected strain, the second half of this hybrid - White Salmon - is less known to many outside of legalized states.


I first found this gorgeous strain at Good Chemistry, a dispensary in Aurora, Colorado and have seen it rarely since then. It’s a delectable treat when it’s available on the menu, and quickly sells out. Trademarks include a sweet, savory aroma as bud and while smoked, and large flowers during it’s growth. WSD is a sativa dominant hybrid, but still very relaxing.


For patients, the differences between sativas and indicas can make all the difference in treatment, but WSD feels surprisingly like an indica physically, but is also a heady, mind-elevator like a sativa. The unique strain combination makes it both mentally energizing but physically calming. The buds itself are soft and trichomy, easy to grind and leave a good amount of keef behind, which I personally love to sprinkle into the flower itself for an extra taste. The smoke isn’t overly dense but instead is airy and sweet smelling, and the sweet aroma helps odor control. The flower burns really well but not quickly, and has a deep, soft grey ash that’s very easy to wipe up. Overall, WSD receives a 7/10. The potency is not as high as other strains, and the sweet taste may make you want to smoke your stash faster than originally planned. This is the kind of strain to enjoy on a beautiful day out, while getting creative, or when spending time with friends.    


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Rating: 7/10