Strain Review: Orange Herijuana

By Manny C.
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Orange Herijuana is a graceful cross bred strain that was originally created from a combination of Humboldt County’s Petrolia Headstash(by Woodhorse seeds) and a mysterious, local strain from the hills of Kentucky called Killer New Haven. The Orange Herijuana strain was rather stubborn about allowing it’s true qualities to shine through and reportedly took over fifteen generations to consistently bring about the smooth, well liked indica that we have today from each seed. But the results were worth the wait and efforts as Orange Herijuana took on some strong traits and provides a uniquely mellow high.


The strain is an indica in every sense of the word, with an dependable average THC content around 15 to 20 percent and reaching as high as 25 percent. Orange Herijuana is definitely a couch lock strain, and brings a heavy, full body sense of relaxation when consumed. A sleepy, happy, and uplifted strain Orange Herijuana also provides a great amount of relief for patients. This strain targets predominantly pain, insomnia, and stress, along with depression and headaches, making it a great bedtime medication. It’s also gaining popularity for it’s ability to help regulate mood disorders and the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Minimal side effects like dry mouth, dry eyes and and slight dizziness are the most common challenges reported by consumers and patients when using Orange Herijuana. 

Orange Herijuana

Although the high can wash over you gracefully (but quickly), the scent is a little less subtle. Strong scents of a spicy, woody, almost old world aroma quickly fill the space around you, but the smoke is less creamy than most indica strains and lingers for a bit less time when consuming. For growers however, this can pose a challenge as the scent remains and emanates from the buds throughout the growing and curing process.    


On average Orange Herijuana as a fairly typical growth cycle, and flowers in about seven to nine weeks. It’s a stout plant, that grows to about two meters at maturity. The perks continue to roll out with Orange Herijuana for growers (despite the plants naturally strong scent) and the plant is known for being rather versatile. This strain can handle temperature changes and is well liked for ability to resist mold and fungal infestations, making it great for new growers and experienced cultivators and typically yields a fairly healthy harvest to those who put in the minimal work and care that come with this strain. 


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About the author: Manny C.

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