Strain Review: OG 18

It offers a perfect mix of body and cerebral high.
Reserva Privada OG Kush #18 is a real treat for true connoisseurs. Selected feminized OG Kush seeds which were outstanding go re-feminized. Out of 40 plants there was one exception - plant number #18. The effect is more sour in taste and better yielding than The OG. Yield and "fuely" taste were taken of the ChemDog and combined with the power of OG Chem. Flowering time for growers is about 56-63 days for. This hybrid puts off gassy, diesel fumes, and reeks of earthy undertones.

Ideally, this is a strain you consume for its medical benefits, chiefly pain relief. The buds are dense, thick and extremely resinous. There is no denying that the strain is incredibly sour, in fact it is so sour it will curdle milk instantaneously. As for the taste it is as sour as it smells but should not frighten you from giving it a try. The strain and its taste are so overwhelming it will want you to come back for more, although you should refrain from smoking higher doses. 

The strain is quite strong overall. It offers a perfect mix of body and cerebral high that will increase focus and concentration. Even though it packs a punch, it does not last as long as you would expect it to last. It’s all-purpose body feeling will leave you relaxed, which is excellent for any patient suffering from aches and pains. Even though it is not for the faint of heart, the strain boosts energy levels all the while relieving you from muscle tension and acts as an effective mood elevator.

For growers this is not a very high yielding crop, it is however incredibly resinous and will create a ‘wow’ factor in bag appeal. This strain can be pumped full of nutrients and still maintain excellent growth throughout both vegetative and flowering stages.