Strain Review: LA Confidential

LA Confidential is a very popular strain for cultivators who enjoy having large dense buds. LA Confidential is made up from OG LA Affie x Afghani Landrace genetics. Originally developed by Johnny Que of northern California, but bred for public release by DNA Genetics, LA Confidential has earned it’s spot as one of the more popular strains in the industry. Both growers and patients alike request LA Confidential as it has been referred to as a bumper crop that is known to be a heavy producer and has psychedelic calming effects on the body and mind.

Both OG LA Affie and Afghani are purebred which makes for a very tasty and heavy pure indica offspring and experience. The strain burst on the medical marijuana scene in the early 2000’s and quickly gained a reputation as well as awards. LA Confidential is one of the few strains in which the genetic makeup greatly assists in reducing symptoms of autism, allowing patients to lead their lives in a more harmonious manner than they were previous to using LA Confidential. The strain is also renowned for exceptional potency, pain relief and insomnia-relieving qualities.

This award-winning strain displays various shades of green, orange hairs, bright white trichomes and purple leaves. The effects of LA Confidential are different than most 100% indicas. Users that stay rooted in one position will often experience waves of relaxing and calming euphoria washing all over them, and it will occasionally bring on other cerebral effects as well. Despite being a pure indica strain, the cerebral effects can be bordering on the edge of psychedelic, or very thought provoking at least, all the while lifting the mood as well. The indica properties are very noticeable and you can feel the effects all over your body within minutes. It relaxes the muscles and entire body almost immediately.