Strain Review: Headband

By Manny C.
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Headband is a strain in its own class. Bred from what the cannabis world can call a “power couple”, and very few strains can compete. A combination of OG Kush (a popular, high demand hybrid strain) and Sour Diesel (and a strong sativa), Another nickname for this strain is “Sour Kush”, Headband embodies some of the most desirable traits from both strains and brings together many admirable qualities from its already notorious parent strains.. A lightly creamy, and smooth smoke, provides hints of sweet lemon and the diesel heritage in the aroma that linger in the buds taste as well. It’s a pleasant and smooth balance for cannabis connoisseurs, and a pleasantly distinct treat for new users.

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Headband has an uplifting, enthusiastic high that is trademarked by creative but relaxed experience. It’s ability to combat pain, depression and fatigue, make it a great choice for many patients as well. The strong cerebral effects create some noticeable pressure around the temples, inducing a soft but solid cranial high.The sensation of pressure around the crown of the head is so often reported, hinting at the strain's name, it feels almost like wearing a headband. Mild side effects such as Infrequent dizziness, dry mouth and eyes are commonly reported. The scent is uplifting and vibrant, but the natural density of the smoke makes odor control and subtly a challenge with this strain.


Headband usually hangs around twenty five percent THC and 0.7 percent CBD, with low levels of CBG,CBC, and CBL that lend the strain its therapeutic properties. Headband normally flowers between nine and ten weeks like many sativa strains, and grows best indoors with moderate amounts of attention like pruning and humidity control. The buds look like they have a shiny, dust coating when it’s time to harvest and bright leaves spring from the buds. he Headband strain produces short bushy plants with fat-fingered leaves. The buds start a medium green that becomes noticeably darker as they mature and display a covering of vibrant, orange hairs. Each plant yields a medium harvest, making it a good plant for personal use as well as legalized commercial growing.  Soil does the best job in bringing out the flavor but this plant can produce great yields of high-grade buds in coco, hydro, or other soilless methods as well, making it adaptable to any level of grow in almost any medium. A beginning grower will find this strain cooperates in the garden and delivers high quality yields.

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