Strain Review: Headband

Headband is the child of two popular strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel and the combination works wonderfully. This strain rocks a very high level of THC that ranges from 20% to 27% and has an earthy, pungent and diesel-like aromas. The flavor profile is smooth, creamy and carries a tartness of lemons. It will produce a long-lasting feeling of happiness, euphoria, relaxation and creativity. It is also great for it’s medicinal effects on stress, depression, pain and headaches.

When medicating with Headband it literally feels like you are wearing a headband when you use this strain. A spacey, head-in-the-clouds smoke ensues every time this strain gets put into rotation. Headband is definitely a “heavy hybrid” because it makes your head foggy which may come from the Sour Diesel. This makes for a strain that is highly euphoric and also provides a strong body buzz, presumably from the OG Kush.

There are many offspring that claim Headband as a parent because of it’s classic lineage. OG Kush and Sour Diesel will remain two of the top classics for the foreseeable future and Headband can also be included on the list of top classic strains. Headband has great bag appeal due to it’s large bud structure and it’s yellow-green spectrum of hues. Headband exhibits a slightly sour smell, somewhat reminiscent of diesel fuel. Other notes in the flavor portfolio include pine, musty earth and a floral incense - coming from the OG side of the strain’s lineage.

The taste, the smell, and the looks - Headband has it all. The uniquely enjoyable sour-fuel taste makes for a memorable smoke session. Soil seems to do the best in coaxing out the flavors of this strain. A great strain for beginning to novice growers the strain needs a little attention and nutrients to attain good results. The high is very tranquil with an excellent blend of both indica and sativa traits. The strong, euphoric head buzz that is accompanied by quite a body blow makes for a quality all-around strain that everyone should give a try.