Strain Review: Green Crack

By Manny C.
A sweet, heavy hitting sativa that's easy to fall in love with

Much as the name implies, Green Crack is a heavy hitting, high energy, buzz creating, euphoric strain. Best known for it’s mental buzz and and invigorating high Green Crack is an ideal sativa. The strain is derived from Skunk #1 on the sativa side, and it’s indica sister is descended from mellow Afghani strains.

The buds are a sweet, lemony scent, that is often described as tangy and gets stronger as the flower is broken apart. Some earthy mellow tones make for a well rounded and robust presence.

To spot the indica variety of Green Crack, look for a shorter plant that produces a tighter bud structure. This version will also have a significantly heavier body high and less cerebral effects.


Green Crack
Green Crack

Green Crack

The taste matches the sativas aroma, with sweet and earthy blends leaving a unique, almost fruity aftertaste. The smoke is hazy and while pleasing is less that discreet, and lingers around listlessly for some time.

Green Crack has some noteable features to its high, including a happy, energetic body high, that is euphoric, creative and invigorating. Green Crack is as energizing as a strong cup of coffee, while many find that it promotes focus.

For patients, the strain provides relief from a variety of symptoms including headaches, stress, pain, and depression, and makes Green Crack a preferred day time medication.

Green Crack also has fairly potent pain-relieving properties, making it popular among those with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. Slight anxiety, dizziness, dry mouth and eyes are commonly experienced side effects. Overall Green Crack is a great day time strain for both medical and recreational cannabis users.

Green Crack is an easy to grow strain for even beginners, and typically reaches about two meters in height. It thrives in the outdoors, and flowers in around six weeks. It should be noted that strain is known to have purple hues when grown in colder temperatures.

The strain is also well known for producing higher than average yields, so there are plenty of nugs at harvest. Green Crack typically has nugs that contain about 20% THC and about 0.2 percent CBD on average.

Harvest time has come when the buds seem to sparkle with white trichomes. Indoors, Green Crack will need plenty of pruning and fresh air circulation. Humidity should be set to around 50%. Green Crack is susceptible to powdery mildew, so always be on the lookout for early signs and adjust the humidity accordingly.  We highly recommend using a humidity regulator like Boost 55% by Integra to keep the buds fresh.


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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.