Strain Review: Glazed Cherries

Glazed Cherries is a cross between Cherry Fire OG and Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies, described as a balanced 50/50 hybrid. Glazed Cherries was created by Kief Sweat, one of B-Real from Cypress Hill’s breeders, for Humboldt Seed Organization. Producing smaller and very resinous buds this hybrid puts off a sweet/fruity overtone and is followed by an airy citrusy wood fragrance.

The effects from this medicine is a happy head high, which puts its users in a very relaxed state. Glazed Cherries is great for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, the leaves turn a very dark purple/almost black hue during the finishing weeks. Black Glazed Cherries is a sister of Glazed Cherries which earned its name from the incredibly dark hues of purple produced in the finishing weeks of flower. Glazed Cherries is recommended for everyday users who would like to feel the effects of this medication but still remain clear headed enough to achieve everyday tasks.

Recommended for intermediate to expert growers this strain can handle some heavy feeding both in the vegetative state and in flower. Some phenotypes of this strain are stronger than others so if you have a fast growing, big bodied pheno definitely hold onto it and make sure to keep it as a mom. That being said beginning growers will have a great time learning the ins and outs of what Glazed Cherries can handle. 

The darker finishing pheno of Glazed Cherries has become quite a hit of it’s own being affectionately named Black Cherries by co-creator Kief Sweat. Glazed Cherries comes from a strong lineage and will be sure to provide the wow factor for any grower who has it in the garden. A very pungent fruity smell, similar to rotten fruit, early in flower creates the need for a charcoal filter.