Strain Review: Chemdawg

By Manny C.
When it comes to hybrids, there’s a unique balance of qualities that are brought to the strain.

When it comes to hybrids, there’s a unique balance of qualities that are brought to the strain. Hybrids are an attempt to really bring out the best of a plant or plants by breeding those qualities into the strain. Sometimes this process happens in nature, and the sativa hybrid Chemdawg is a definite success story of that process.

Although it’s origins are mysterious, many believe that the Chemdawg strain is descended from Nepalese and Thai (both are strong sativas). Chemdawg is such a strong strain that it is often used to cross breed some of the world’s most potent and popular strains, such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

This unique ability to stand on it’s own as a great strain along with it’s ability to parent equally impressive strains makes Chemdawg somewhat of legend in the cannabis world.


With that being said, this is not exactly a newbie friendly strain either, Chemdawg is known for being potent. On average, you’ll find the strain measures in around 20 percent THC and up to 0.1 percent CBD. CBG, CBL, CBN and THCv are sprinkled throughout the strains makeup as well providing for some intense symptom relief.

The Chemdawg experience is notably cerebral, and carries a very strong heavy bodied feeling as well that is incredibly relaxing. This strain is best known for it’s relaxful, happy and creative head high.

For patients, Chemdawg can help greatly to relieve stress, anxiety, and remedy a lack of appetite. So make sure you have some healthy snacks on hand, those munchies will hit you. ChemDawg is also a great bedtime medication, providing support in combating both pain and insomnia as well.

Most consumers report dry mouth and a slight headache during use as being the major obstacles associated with the strain.


On average Chemdawg takes about seven to nine to reach it’s flowering stages, but the strain can be better handled by experienced growers.

At first the plant could only be grown usually by cloning, but over the past few years companies have been able to sell viable seeds to use for growing. Chemdawg thrives in indoor growing conditions, but can be grown outside with a bit of extra care and attendance.

Like many sativas Chemdawg grows fairly tall, and averages around five feet or higher when it matures. The extra work when it comes to Chemdawg pays off, and the plant provides high yields at harvest time.

Growers and consumers a like may have to take extra care with Chemdawg. The strain is heavily scented with pungent, earthy scents, and a distinct Diesel strain aroma appeal to many, but can be a challenge to keep discreet when consuming or growing.

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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.