Speakeasy CBD Review | CBD Soft Gels, Full Case Battery and CBD Cartridge

By Joseph G.
Classic style meets modern tech to make the Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery a first-of-a-kind vaping device, while the Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels and CBD Vape Cartridge - 40% by Speakeasy CBD provide potent and tasty CBD experiences.

Speakeasy CBD Review 

The top vaporizers and CBD products on the market all have one thing in common: they provide experiences unique to their own brand, and Speakeasy CBD knows this well enough to create an experience that is distinctly their own kind.

It is easy to determine exactly where Speakeasy CBD has decided to take as inspiration for their namesake and image: the wild time that was the roaring ’20’s nearly a century ago.

However, in addition to shaping their image, that time period also helped shape the design and experience provided by the products reviewed in this article, which are the Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery, the Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels and CBD Vape Cartridge - 40%.

Speakeasy CBD Pure Gold Oil

The culture of secret underground clubs in the 1920s called “speakeasies,” which were prominent during the Prohibition era, helped shape the discreet design of the Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery.

Additionally, the potency delivered by contents of the CBD Soft Gels and CBD Vape Cartridge - 40% are a throwback to the powerful concoctions made in actual speakeasies long ago.

Being able to carry and use a vaporizer in public without causing a stir is one thing, but doing so with the powerful and potent combo that is the Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery, CBD Vape Cartridge and CBD Soft Gels definitely place you in a comfortable space of medication and discretion at any location.

Speakeasy CBD Company Profile

Speakeasy CBD Products

Speakeasy CBD focuses on achieving both public and self-confidence in their product lineup and has taken the necessary steps to achieve those goals.

The first step was dreaming up a CBD products company that was focused on being scientifically cutting-edge, uniquely branded and extremely helpful with customer support.

Speakeasy CBD was created by a group of pioneering industry leaders that all agreed to put together a team that is unrivaled in the CBD industry with experience and success, including a lead Ph.D. scientist who has won the coveted Cannabis Cup a total of 6 times.

With top-tier CBD formulation under their belt, Speakeasy CBD next had to guarantee that the quality of every product meets the same high standard they wish to be known for.

To ensure this, the company has set a thorough end-to-end system of production, including third-party lab testing, which leaves no doubt that Speakeasy CBD products are the purest, most potent and highest-quality CBD products money can buy.

A constant flux of communication with customers, the CBD community and industry experts set up a strong and effective feedback system that helps Speakeasy CBD be on the cutting edge of product development.

Speakeasy CBD has an informative web store where all of their products are showcased and shipped worldwide. 

Speakeasy CBD Stainless Steel Full Case Battery Review 

When a company as creative as Speakeasy CBD gets behind the idea of designing a pen-shaped vaporizer, it means the device is tailored to be more than meets the eye.

The company has created a beautiful example of what all pen-shaped vaporizers should aspire to be, and they call it the Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery.

Speakeasy CBD Battery

This vaporizer has portability in mind, as it comes complete with a simple feature that truly changes the game for me: a mouthpiece cap.

With a name like “pen-shaped,” one would think there would be more pen-shaped vaporizers that come with a cap to protect the mouthpiece from dirt and grime.

After all, don’t most writing pens come with protective caps?

The Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery’s cap allowed me to place the vaporizer absolutely anywhere without worrying about keeping the mouthpiece clean.

Speakeasy CBD Stainless Steel Battery

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a germ freak. To put it simply, the device’s mouthpiece cap took a load off my mind.

The Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery’s cap also has a clip attached to it, which not only makes the device appear even more like a pen than any of its rivals but also adds to the convenience factor, allowing it to be attached basically anywhere.

The Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery’s list of features includes single-button control with triple-clicks to adjust the voltage, industry-standard 510 threading, a large chamber which allows cartomizers of different sizes, a 650mAh battery, with Apple Lightning cable charge.

Vaping with this device is a great experience, with the adjustable voltages providing the desired amount of vapor and the mouthpiece cap conveniently snapping onto the bottom of the pen while in use.

In sum, the Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery is a beautiful and discreet pen vaporizer that will fit perfectly into any situation. 

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 4.8/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 4.8/5

Overall Score: 4.9/5

Speakeasy CBD Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels and CBD Vape Cartridge - 40% CBD Review

Under the guidance of their in-house lead Ph.D. scientist/6x Cannabis Cup champion, Speakeasy CBD has developed a host of CBD products that are wonderfully potent and full of natural flavor, including the Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels and CBD Vape Cartridge - 40%.

Speakeasy CBD's website states that the Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels contain a premium extract that is infused in organic hemp seed oil with additional terpenes mixed in for a more natural flavor.

Speakeasy CBD Soft Gels

Taking just one of these soft gels will give an hours-long feeling of being in tip-top shape, with zero unwanted aftereffects, thanks to the power of CBD and the absence of the psychoactive compound THC.

The CBD Vape Cartridge by Speakeasy CBD is where the company’s proprietary method of CBD extraction really shows off what it can do when it comes to flavor.

Speakeasy CBD Vape Cartridge

The tastiness of the CBD Vape Cartridge’s contents is the result of preserving the natural full flavor profile and terpenes found within the sourced cannabis, creating a soothing aroma and taste that is equally effective on the relaxation of the body as the CBD Soft Gels are.

The cartomizer that contains the CBD liquid has a shiny chrome tip, universal 510 threading and looks very classy when paired up with the Speakeasy Stainless Steel Full Case Battery.

Speakeasy CBD Cartridge

I definitely recommend Speakeasy CBD’s awesome CBD formula to all CBD veterans, beginners and even to those that are only curious about dabbling in CBD; Speakeasy CBD’s CBD will work for everybody.

Look: 4.8/5

Build Quality: 4.8/5

Ease of Use: 4.8/5

Effectiveness: 4.8/5

Overall Score: 4.8/5

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