Slyng is Crushin' it Out in Los Angeles & have FREE posters for YOU!

As you guys know, it’s been quite the hectic month. We have been crushing it out here at Slyng HQ - but we’d be nothing without you guys. To keep you updated, our wonderful team has been traveling around Southern California, with their latest stop being Los Angeles and killing it! Man, oh man, we can’t believe all the love we’ve been receiving. We have got to give a shout out to: Bud Madness, 420 Solutions, Pot Spot Collective, and Nice Sleep for being kind enough to put up our stickers and posters. So if you’re in the Los Angeles area, make sure to stop by and check them out.

Another thing we would like to tell you guys about is our strains posters. We have been working really hard on them, and they have been getting some mad attention. (If you’d like to get your hands on ten free posters, remember to head over to our contests page, and enter for a chance to win, they’re looking for a home!)  The poster lists 50 strains and have some pretty informative facts for each strain including strain type, THC & CBD content, effects, and medicinal use. Also, shout out to our friend @grnsix for supplying all the photos for the strains. What did I tell you guys, we’d be nothing without your help!

One last thing, the future looks bright for Slyng. Our goal is to create an open, public, positive, engaging, informative, and humorous platform for the cannabis community. We have got some great things in the works and with your help they will be turned into a great resource for the community. We can’t wait to share with you what’s in the works, but for now, just keep in tuned for some more exciting announcements!