Slinging Weed: the hottest new career in the US

By Manny C.
Young Adults are flooding the budding industry with resumes

National-- As 2017 hit its midpoint, the cannabis industry numbers did not fail to produce yet another series of fiscal gains across the board. With new states legalized earlier this year during the 2017 state elections, the growth of the industry has grown exponentially, and surpassed last year's expectations for overall gains. But the money alone isn’t what seems to be the only thing drawing attention to the new, emerging industry.

More and more young adults are looking to get into to the cannabis industry

Reports from 2012 to current are showing that the cannabis industry has not only some of the largest documented growth, but also has become the most interesting industry in the country. Year over year state medical and recreational dispensaries, cultivators, and producers are reporting increasing numbers of job applicants who are looking to join the budding (pun totally intended) green industry.

Millennials especially have been working their way into these new careers. Having grown up in the prohibition era and the war on drugs, many millennials (like myself) were bombarded with programs like D.A.R.E. and commericals of people smashing eggs and wrecking their kitchens. Now as research is released and more information about the events leading up to the cannabis prohibition, combined with a global movement to support cannabis, many Millennials have a new perspective on cannabis and the green industry which is sparking interest for job seekers.

The legal cannabis industry has already created tens of thousands of new jobs in America

Millennials have been blamed for everything from the death of the paper napkin industry, to the collapse of society, and subsequently are moving away from tradition 9 to 5, cubicle jobs. This creates a unique appeal for the cannabis industry as young adults and late-20-somethings look to stabilize themselves financially., and with legalized states reporting around $6 billion in revenue each the cannabis industry is welcoming them with open arms. Un-traditional careers like cannabis cultivation, extraction, budtending, and dispensary customer service growing every year jobs are available for those looking to use their passion and (expensive) college degrees, yet who are turned away from or turned off by traditional careers- and cannabis is welcoming the new talent with open arms. And with over 50,000 new jobs created nationwide in 2016 from legalized states and a growing number of cannabis specific training certifications being made available, it seems that there will be no slowing down in 2017 either.

Time to brush up that resume!

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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.