SkyBlue Vapor | An Innovative and Caring Vape Company

By Andy A.
There are hundreds of companies that put vaporizers out on the market. But finding one that works well for you and doesn’t break within a few months can be challenging. That is why you need a company that believes in its product and uses it just like you- SkyBlue Vapor™.

SkyBlue Vapor InterviewSkyBlue Vapor is your source for one of the top vaporizers on the market. They are dedicated to providing the best technology with the highest quality materials at the best price. Slyng had the pleasure of speaking with Nicholas Martens, co-founder of SkyBlue Vapor™ to talk about why their brand stands out from the rest and how SkyBlue Vapor™ got started.

Co-Founder Nicholas Martens
Nicholas Martens, co-founder of SkyBlue Vapor

Who is SkyBlue Vapor?

“SkyBlue Vapor originally launched in 2015 as we started off locally through friends, family, word of mouth, and different organizations within our community. And then officially online we launched in October of 2017”, he said.

According to Nicholas Martens, it all started with two guys wanting to create something special that no one else had. They have both used vapes for years but couldn’t find a product that would last them and give them the power they wanted.  

Founders Nicholas and Clifford
Nicholas Martens and Clifford Smith founders of SkyBlue Vapor

With that, Martens and his business partner Clifford Smith set out to create the highest quality vaporizers they possibly could.

Co-Founder Clifford Smith
Clifford Smith, co-founder of SkyBlue Vapor

Martens explained,

Both my business partner and I have used many different vaporizers for many years. We’ve branched out, tried different products and seen what did work and what didn’t work. We saw a lot of stuff that just didn’t work. So we set out at that point to create a better vaporizer.  Our knowledge is user based. We’ve had a lot of different trial and error in our own experiences which led us to find what we truly liked. As being a frequent user of the product yourself, it gives you pretty good experience in the industry. We thought we could do something better. Something that is going to last you, something that is going to work. There are too many rip off products out there. We believe in what vaporization actually should be.

The Technology Behind SkyBlue Vapor

When you are a new user, it can be tough to know what is the best out there but SkyBlue Vapor™ has perfected that by taking the best elements from old school vapes and newer vaping technology. Martens said they did a lot of research on other vaporizers and used them for inspiration.

He said, “For cannabis there are different materials that work better [than cotton wick atomizers], they actually became cleaner and in our use outside of the vaporization- batteries and electronic vaporizers to your traditional glass vaporizers such as a dab rig, we kind of took that for inspiration with how those elements work, whether it was titanium, ceramic, or quartz.”

Martens explained further about what each material can do in a vaporizer and why it was important for SkyBlue Vapor™ to use all three of them in their pens.

SkyBlue Vapor Technology

He said,

We definitely wanted the coil to be titanium. Titanium will heat and cool fairly quickly, we took that into consideration with the coil so that no material being vaporized is wasted.  Once you are done taking a hit, your material will not vape away without your consent. Quartz [gives] a very clean flavor and is very popular for a lot of rigs now. So that is [what we used] as our middle supporting rod that holds the coil. And ceramic does a pretty good job at taking forever to heat, but it also cools down rather quickly. This is nice because it keeps your pen cool and your mouthpiece doesn’t get hot. That was our inspiration for the outer portion of our atomizers. We were able to take that knowledge and work with our engineers to transform it into a pen.

Martens added that many companies still make their vaporizers with plastic, coils that combust easily, and they do not use preset temperatures which makes it “wild and all over the place”. But SkyBlue Vapor™ is different in every way.

He explained, “We only use the highest quality quartz, titanium, and ceramic to make our atomizers so they are either food grade or medical grade. And with that, we have a cleaner tasting product and as a result, an actual smooth vapor. All of our atomizers hover around 400 degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty even for a vape pen. And with preset low temperatures, you never have to worry about adjusting. So when we come into play there always giving consistent low temp vaporization which is truly key.”

What Sets SkyBlue Vapor Apart

This process shows how deep SkyBlue Vapor™ goes to get the best product they can and that they truly care about their customer base. There are many things that set SkyBlue Vapor™ apart from the rest of the companies out there, and Nicholas Martens had plenty to say about his wonderful company and what they do, not just for their customers but for their community as well. For their customers, they provide a lifetime warranty so they do not have to worry if anything happens to their pen, it can be fixed or replaced.

Martens said, “There is never a customer that we are going to leave unsatisfied. Everything is hand assembled before it goes out the door so we know that the product is working. But occasionally you’ll have a defect. So if that happens our lifetime warranty takes care of everyone right off the bat.”

SkyBlue Vapor™ takes care of their customer base in many ways. They are very caring and want to educate the world about vaporizers and what they do for you- not just sell you a product.

Martens said, “We have outreach to actually educate the consumer before they make a decision and help them. That’s a big process where you have all these other companies that will love to sell you a vape pen, but are they really teaching you the benefits of it?”

Because of this, SkyBlue Vapor™ has a blog that they use to educate their customers about using cannabis and vaping properly.

Vape News

He added, “It’s always something we have wanted to teach people because there is so much misinformation out there. There have been good articles we have seen that we share from time to time and some we are featured in. But for the most part, it is our own authors and our own research and our own topic ideas that we have come up with. Some of them are even based off of what customers have expressed to us, we want to make sure there is a resource there for them to figure things out for themselves.”

Customer service and education are clearly top priorities of SkyBlue Vapor™, but so is giving back and even being kind to the environment. Nicholas Martens says that they are all about giving back in their local area in North Eastern Pennsylvania and even donate a percentage of their profits to charity.

He said,

We are tied in with our medical community here in Pennsylvania and we donate 3 percent of our profits to [them]. Right now we are donating to a company we work closely with called ‘Pennsylvanians for Safe Access’. They have helped work to push the medical cannabis bill, and actually, write parts of it that are in Pennsylvania currently. We work with them and they help with patient outreach and we have done different speaking events with them. I think our goals align with theirs which is awesome, and we will be donating a lot more to charity in the future. We do our best to give back.

But that is not all SkyBlue Vapor™ does, they actually care a lot about the environment. “Another thing that separates us is our new age outlook- I guess its new age but it really should just be common sense- that we do our best to reduce our impact on the environment”, Martens added.

He mentions that they help reduce their impact by using biodegradable bubble wrap, 100% recycled reusable bags and labels from paper made of sugar cane waste. The company also prefers to use solar and wind energy to power their facility in Pennsylvania to reduce traditional electricity. Martens said proudly, “It’s what we do on the back end to make sure that we're doing our part and our best to help the planet.  That is truly a good feeling for us.”

SkyBlue Vapor Consumers

SkyBlue Vapor™ is a brand that focuses on being transparent about who they are and what they do which is very refreshing since many companies do not do the same. Martens feels that having transparency is key to having a successful business and return customers.

Martens explained,

I think it builds a level of trust and helps to build a relationship which I think is important for any company to build with their customers. We want them to trust us and know that we are doing the right thing. I think it is super important because we not only set out to produce the best vaporizers out there, we set out to change. things entirely. We want to change how this industry runs so people don’t have the wool pulled over their eyes. Our job is to make sure the customer is confident in the product they are buying and that it is the right product for them. I think it's important for any company to hold up to that standard if they want to have long-term relationships with their customers which we definitely aim to.

Customer Base and Things to Come

Martens says that SkyBlue Vapor™ produces vaporizers that are made for anyone of legal age. He said, “Our products are of real value for anyone. Whether its medical or recreational cannabis. We have customers that are as young as 21 and we have some customers that are in their 70’s. So it’s a really wide range. Our product is the most user-friendly as we can make it. It’s great for beginners but it's also for experienced users alike. It's surprising the amount of vapor you get from this pen and we are told time and time again they are really surprised by something so small.”

SkyBlue Vapor Color Variety

Their vaporizers appeal to the masses because they work exceptionally well and have a clean minimalistic and refined look. But Martens alluded to fun and funky colors and designs coming in the new year. We asked Martens if there were any new projects SkyBlue Vapor™ is working on and he says something very special will be out soon.

“We haven’t decided on a name and can’t discuss too much just yet but we are coming out with a variable voltage for using with your own oils and our Terp Cell™ cartridges. We want to make sure we have a high functioning product and we are about to drop that very soon. You can expect our next product coming out in just a couple of months.”

That launch is pretty exciting and we will be waiting to see it in the coming months. If you are interested in checking out SkyBlue Vapor, you can see everything they have on their website and even get a SkyBlue Vapor discount code for 20% off when you use code SKYBLUE.

About the author: Andy A.

Andy is a regular contributor to product reviews. He is passionate about communicating effectively with niche audiences through in-depth lifestyle research and the power of the written word. Andy lives in Long Beach CA with his wife and two cats.