Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers Review

By Joseph G.
Celebrate a special occasion with the luxurious Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack, the 24K Gold Cone and the super fresh Pure Leaf Wraps in Double Cup and Honey Gold.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers Review

Smoking bud from a king-sized joint made of 24K gold sounds like the stuff of music videos, reserved only for the most privileged and connected of tokers. However, Shine Papers has made this luxury a reality for the common weed smoker like you and me.

Shine Papers has created rolling papers that are covered in real 24K gold, and their affordability does not take away from the fact that you are literally smoking a joint made out of gold. Making their consumers the fanciest weed smokers in the world while it’s lit.

For this review, I burned through the Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack and 24K Gold Cone, going for $20 and $15 respectively on Shine® web store.

I was also sent Pure Leaf Wraps in Double Cup and Honey Gold flavors to keep the session going, and as far as tobacco blunt wraps go, these are among some of the freshest, aromatic and flavorful-balance I’ve ever used.

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Shine® Company Profile

Extravagance can be an inspiring experience, and extravagance is exactly what inspired the creation of Shine Papers as a smoking products company.

According to Shine’s website, the idea of putting gold on rolling papers came about in Las Vegas after having smoked a cigar rolled by London Cut Cigars that was covered in gold.

The experience made Shine Papers future owners imagine everything covered in gold, leading to a brainstorming session later in their hotel room where they became convinced that gold-covered rolling papers would be a hit.

Determined to develop the perfect gold smoking papers, Shine Papers owners spent weeks burning through more gold than there is in El Dorado to finally determine the perfect layering of gold-on-paper, and the results are truly fascinating.

One of Shine Papers goals has been to create luxury smoking products that are affordable yet still evoke a sense of participating in something luxurious and exclusive, and the price point of Shine Papers product lineup certainly reflects this.

For example, the gilded cigar that inspired Shine Papers formation cost hundreds of dollars, while Shine Papers has created a gilded cigar of its own that goes for a much more affordable $55.

Shine® Infinity Cigar

Over the years, Shine® has expanded its offerings from gold rolling papers to gold blunt wraps, gold king size rolling papers, gold pre-rolled cones and gold-woven blunts, which are all available for purchase on their website.

Also available on the Shine® website are Pure Leaf Wraps, which are flavored tobacco blunt wraps that were created by an experienced group of tobacconists with a long list of complaints about the state of the blunt wrap industry.

Determined to eliminate common blunt wrap ailments such as low-grade tobacco, holes and poor packaging, Pure Leaf Wraps developed a lineup of blunt wraps with an unprecedented amount of attention to detail put into them.

The resulting blunt wraps provide some of the best blunt smoking experiences out there.

Shine® Products

 Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack and Gold Cone Review

It goes without saying that it is not common to see somebody smoking a golden J.

When I pulled out the golden J’s I rolled with the Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack and Gold Cone in front of a group of friends, their immediate reaction was a unanimous “WOAAH” along with some disbelief and confusion.

I have to say that seeing other people’s reaction to the golden joints you’ve brought to the party definitely adds appeal to these papers.

Some thought they were fake, some thought they were dangerous, others, including me, couldn’t wait to try them out.

Rolling with the Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack before the party was just like rolling with any other papers, except, you know, they’re covered in 24K gold.

Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers

It’s pretty surreal. They even come with a certificate of authenticity

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any concerns about smoking gold, although I am aware that edible gold is completely safe to consume.

Shine® has addressed this concern on their website, which states that in the 7 years since the company has been selling their gold papers, nobody has reported getting sick.

They also refer to a scientific study conducted in Korea in 2011 in which lab mice were exposed to sustained levels of gold nanoparticles, with the conclusion being that there were “no adverse side effects after 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 90 days of gold inhalation.”

That was good enough for me.

When the time came to spark up the Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers, I was really excited.

Lighting up the golden J was no more challenging than any other J, with the fire having no trouble burning through the gold on the outside to the paper underneath.

The draws are as tasty as your chosen weed should be since the Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers do not add any foreign aftertaste to the experience.

When it’s time to ash the gilded joint, things begin to make a little more sense on how it all works. Golden flakes are left on top of the ash as the joint burns, meaning the gold itself is never actually smoked, only the paper is.

Shine® 24K Gold Cone

When you ash the Shine® gold papers you basically get an ash nugget covered in gold.

It’s a trip.

So, now that the party realizes that these joints taste and burn as awesome as they look, everyone wanted a hit and to take pictures with them.

During the time they were being passed around, the Shine® 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack and Gold Cone became fashion accessories as much as they were party favors, creating a unique experience that definitely became a highlight of the night. 

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 5/5

Pure Leaf Wraps in Double Cup and Honey Gold Review

The good people at Pure Leaf Wraps have been concerned about the poor state of blunt wraps available in today’s market, and their response to this dilemma was to create the best blunt wraps in the world.

The high level of care and attention put into the creation of each leaf found in the Pure Leaf Wraps in Double Cup and Honey Gold results in perfect rolling material.

Pure Leaf Wraps in Double Cup

Each package of Pure Leaf Wraps is air-tight and resealable, ensuring a perfect environment to preserve the freshness of each tobacco leaf.

Each leaf is also individually wrapped in protective plastic shielding, resulting in perfect leaves that contain zero blemishes upon use.

Pure Leaf Wraps

The aroma of each wrap is mouth-watering but as pungent as they are before they are lit, the aroma does not impede on the flavor of the marijuana as much as one would think.

The subtle touch of flavor that each Double Cup and Honey Gold Pure Leaf Wrap adds to every draw is the cherry on top of a positively pristine blunt smoking experience.

Highly recommended. 

Look: 4.8/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 4.7/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.9/5

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