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By Kaitlyn M.
Looking for seeds? Seeds Here Now has the highest quality seeds in the market! We spoke to the man behind the number one online broker for cannabis genetics to learn more about him and his business.

Most businesses believe and trust in their product is the best it can be. They put it through many tests to make sure its perfect. But not all companies go above and beyond for their consumers in the way that Seeds Here Now does.

The Beginning of Seeds Here Now

Seeds Here Now is the top online broker for quality cannabis genetics. They believe in providing medical-grade cannabis genetics to their consumers and delivering the best customer service. Selling seeds is an interesting business, and according to James Bean, the owner of Seeds Here Now, had an interesting story of how it got started.

Bean said, "Seeds here now was started in 2013. Before Seeds here now it was, that’s what it started out as. I own all 50 states’s.” Bean also remembered how he was able to obtain the name of the business.

Bean recalled, “I was at CannaCon with my partner, [everyone] asked "do you guys have seeds, can I buy them here? So, we would just start our pitch with "Hi we’ve got seeds here now-140 different varieties. I wrote it on a board, seeds here now 43 packs for $100. "

James took that sign with him to Seattle Hempfest and got in trouble for his sign because of the wording. So, he called his partner for him to see if the website with the same name was available. He then bought the name, put it on the sign as his company name.

That stroke of brilliance allowed him to start the business of a lifetime that is booming today. But James Bean didn’t start in the cannabis business right away. He had a long and interesting journey to becoming the owner of Seeds Here Now.

Bean said, “I’ve been a smoker since I was in sophomore year in high school. Then was a grower through my 20’s to pay my rent in Idaho of all states! Then I may have been growing while on probation, not sure. I was a touring DJ for 15 years from 1995-2010. When the music scene got cool, it got uncool with me. So, I was looking to get out of the music business.”

He met up with a friend who was in the cannabis business who said he would show him more about it. When he saw his growth and the information he had, he wanted to learn more about how he could get involved. So, he decided to give it a shot.  

"I’m a DJ, I can be a sales guy, and sell myself." And he did that year, "From 2010 to 2013 I worked for one breeder alone and sold his gear as a broker for him.” But it didn’t last as long as Bean had planned, “He started with twenty-eight strains and I ran him down to four. I ran him out of gear", Bean said with a laugh.

So how does working with one breeder turn into Seeds Here Now?

Bean explained, “I would see other people at the trade show booths and I ended up hooking up with La Plata Labs after that. Josh La Plata had what was called the Quin-N-Tonic. That was a Harley Quinn crossed with a catatonic. So, a high CBD strain and CBD back then was selling the cut for 1,500 bucks. It was like that’s medicine people, you can’t sell that for 1500 bucks.”


This is the problem with medication because if people will pay it then companies will charge as much as they want. But Bean had an idea to lower the price revolving around the cannabis seeds.

“The quickest way to put that cut out of commission is for me to flood the market with seeds. So, La Plata happened to have 25,000 of these Quin-N-Tonics. So, I snatched him up as my 2nd breeder and we flooded the market with Quin-N-Tonic and got CBD to the people for cheap. Now we have a deal going that’s sourced auto flower CBD for the nation.  We sell a 10 pack for 20 bucks. It looks like cannabis, smells like cannabis but if you smoke it’s not going to get you high. If you know how to process [the CBD] it will cure whatever ails you. We’re flooding the nation with that and it will be sold in all 50 states, grown everywhere.”

What Sets Seeds Here Now Apart?

This is a very innovative time when it comes to marijuana in general. Seeds Here Now is spending the time to discover ways to gather the best cannabis genetics out there. The process of choosing who to work with and the strains to use are what sets Seeds Here Now apart from competitors.

“I have over 1250 strains in my catalog. That’s 1250 unique strains that you can grow. We are going to have more, we are talking 2000 to 3000 different varieties out there. and each one is different. That’s what makes us unique, we work with the original breeder or grower and [thats where] I get seeds.”

Bean believes in this industry deeply and feels that working with the original growers and breeders is important.

He explained, "I try with all my ability to work with the guy who originally made it. I don’t want to work with a guy that stole it, I want the guy who did it in the first place. The guy who took the risk and stood on the shoulders of giants. I cruise down the highway that they paved. If I can give them something back, then that’s my goal."

James Bean has an interesting rule he follows before working with any breeder. He requires them to have been in business since or before 2010. why? Because to him, that shows passion for breeding.

Bean said, "You have to have been in business before I was in business. Because if you were doing it because of your passion and love then you would’ve been doing it before I got into it because I got into it secondary. If you’re new and apart of the hype train, then you only would have been breeding for 2 or 3 years which is not a lot of experience."

I think this shows that James Bean and the Seeds Here Now team, are not just in this business for the money like so many others. That rule shows that they are only looking for the best and most experienced breeders out there who love what they do.  

The second step of the process is needing the breeders to use their own male, not someone else’s or mixing strains. Bean feels that doing so doesn’t make you a true breeder.

“I don’t appreciate if you bought a 10 pack of exotic genetics, found a male and crossed it with a 10 pack of Crockett family farms and found a tangie”, said Bean. “I don’t want that. If the original breeder wanted to do that he would’ve done that himself. You shouldn’t be able to take someone else’s homework essentially, buy a 10 pack of seeds and breed it."

The original breeders are something that is really important to Bean because it’s not a fad for them. It was and is the real deal. They believed in this enough back in the day to grow it and use it because they knew what marijuana could do for them.

"This just got legal in 2010 and a lot of these guys- the good ones were doing it a long time before this. Those are the good guys the guys who are a little bit older and are doing it because that was their passion. They would grow a grow on a hillside just because they believed in the plant. And now we’ve come full circle and it looks like we weren’t crazy we were right! We weren’t quote on quote self-medicating. No, we were actually meditating. It's science now."

Excellent Customer Service and Knowing to Avoid Scams

Owner of Seeds Here Now, James Dean stands with his team.
Owner of Seeds Here Now, James Bean (blue hat) stands with some his team.

But James Bean and the entire Seeds Here Now team doesn’t just provide amazing products with the original breeder, they also give excellent customer service to all of their customers. James Bean even has his mom as one of the four customer service agents who help his customers.

Bean stated, "I have four customer service agents. Not that we need that many, but we have a rule at the office. We don’t go home until every email is answered. We try to get back to everybody each day. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not that they are going to germinate, but that you will be happy when you get them. If you have an issue with it, we will fix it for you. We have the fastest shipping in the industry, it usually takes us about 2 days.”

Bean says that he has had a few customers be "sketched out" because of how quick a delivery has gotten to them. Having never had that before with other seed sellers. But Bean credits all of this to his team.

“I have an excellent team”, he says. “There is no way my website could do what it does or have the clients I do and the customers if it wasn’t for the very strong team that I built around me to answer phones and do all those things.”

James Bean stresses how important customer service is because of how many people get ripped off by purchasing seeds from websites that are not verified. It happens so much that he wants people to know why it is important to buy seeds from a verified seller and website.

Bean explains, “Something that seems to be a major theme in the seeds business is wannabe growers who don’t know what they are doing or even scams who give a fake product. That is why it is always important to purchase seeds from licensed growers and breeders. It comes down to the customer and what is your time worth? What is 8 weeks’ worth to you? You want to make sure when you finish with what you started you got what you were hoping for. And if you don’t buy verified and guaranteed genetics from the breeder, you don’t know what you’re getting. You might as well start with the best possible scenario. And that’s going to come from buying gear from trusted breeders and sites. "

Seeds Here Now has had a lot of success. But with major success comes people trying to benefit from it.

James Bean said that he has had multiple people rip off his business model and even website design because of how profitable it has become.  While it upsets Bean, he seems to have taken the high road and understands that this tends to happen when you own a successful business.

He said, "When you’re a trailblazer, I guess people want to copy what’s working."

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