Scientists Looking to Create Marijuana that Provides the Perfect High

By Kaitlyn M.
Scientists are attempting to create strains of marijuana that will always give the perfect high.

Marijuana obviously has many healing properties and that is one of the main reasons people advocate for it becoming legalized. But, many people also just enjoy the high, similar to how people like the buzz a few drinks provides them. Because of this, everyone is always looking for the best bud that gives you the best and most consistent high every time you smoke.

Recently, scientists have been trying to find or create the perfect strain of marijuana to get you to the perfect high every time- is this even possible?

What Marijuana Does for Your Mood


Marijuana produces a high for people that can be described as relaxing and sometimes even euphoric. But, it is challenging to consume marijuana in any of its forms and get the same type of high every time you use it. This has a lot to do with regulation of the product, the growing process, and even the mood the person is in.

Because marijuana has not been regulated as it should be, its hard to tell what you are actually getting when you buy from a dispensary or a dealer. Of course, the growing process changes the strain and can completely change the way it affects the user. But more than anything, someone’s mood can change the high they experience.

An article written by The Guardian explains that while marijuana is known for chilling people out, it can have adverse effects depending on the person. According to the article, paranoia is the main adverse effect people experience while using marijuana.

The Guardian said, “For instance, our study of the population of England found that the belief that people are deliberately trying to harm you is three times as common among cannabis users as it is among non-users. The belief that people are trying to cause you serious injury or harm is five times as common among cannabis users.”

However, this has a lot to do with how much weed is consumed, if it is mixed with anything, and if the person has anxiety when they are sober. But what if you could mold a marijuana plant to produce the perfect high every time? That is the goal among scientists throughout the country.

Creating the Perfect High


While using cannabis oil can produce more predictable highs, many people love smoking bud and want a reliable experience from that alone. According to NBC News that has been something most scientists and marijuana growers have been looking for- but getting reliable bud is similar to a unicorn.

Jon Vaught, CEO of Front Range Biosciences says that while many are switching to vaping, others miss the traditional flower that they have used for years and want to be able t rely on it.

Vaught said, “Folks are using it in new forms, low-dose, edibles, tinctures, capsules, and what they care about is the effect. But there are consumers who want to consume cannabis the way they have for years. They like the things they know.”

Greg Zuckert, vice president of Harvest Health & Recreation said,  “That’s been the goal forever,” when asked about marijuana flower that will constantly give the perfect high.  But how can it become a possibility if it doesn’t exist yet? That question is hopefully being answered by scientists all over the country who are looking to do just that.

Mowgli Holmes, chief scientific officer of Phylos Bioscience in Portland, Oregon are one of those scientists and his team is attempting to arrange cannabis DNA in all known strains.

Holmes said, “We’re using genetic information to help people do plant breeding and develop new varieties. No one ever knows what they’re getting, and it’s a huge problem. It’s making it so the industry doesn’t work very well. Often it’s way too strong. It’s Russian roulette. New customers get burned and don’t come back.”

This game of unknown outcomes is usually because of the amount of THC versus another chemical compound in the strain being consumed. According to Wired, the differences in someone’s emotional state after getting high is based around the THC in the strain.


They said, “ Too often, we forget that drugs work their magic on a brain that's never the same. Who we are, depends on when you ask the question. So it shouldn't be too surprising that a drug with many different strains (each of which has a slightly different THC/cannabinoid ratio) and that acts on a context-dependent neural pathway would display such a wide variety of symptoms, from carefree euphoria to its emotional opposite.”

But with help from Holmes and many others, this may no longer be an issue if they can create a flower that’ll give a perfect high for what each person needs. Holmes added, “Plants will have really defined characteristics for consumers and growers.”

Greg Zukert also spoke on his venture to look at cannabis DNA to figure out the perfect combination for that perfect high we search for every day.

Zukert concluded, “I’m working on genetic markers and looking at taking DNA from different species, trying to create genetics to fit neurochemical profiles to treat different ailments. These are exciting things.”

This really is an exciting time for the cannabis industry and science as a whole. If it is possible to mold marijuana to become whatever we want as well as controlling the high one person experiences, the cannabis industry will never be the same again.


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