Safety Concerns for Buying Cannabis on Craigslist

By Anita L.
Cannabis and craigslist in the same sentence just gives me the creeps. I get that craigslist would or could seem like the right place to source your weed because after all, it is a “sale site,” but that couldn’t be further than the truth.

I can't even begin to conquer cannabis and craigslist as a whole, so for the sake of this article let’s just focus on the safety concerns associated with buying marijuana off of craigslist.

I get that as a crusader for cannabis you may feel that we are all a “one love” community and this is just another resource to connect with the tribe.

Craigslist As A Reliable Source

Let’s first start with considering Craigslist the source in general minus the cannabis element.  There are a ton of scammers listed on the site. So many that the site admin themselves warn you about scammers and people not being honest or living up to the product promise.

They have warnings all over their homepage and on every page for that matter.  Not to mention specific guidelines and tips they encourage you to follow when conducting business on their site.

Just because some of us cannabis users are stereotyped as kumbaya kind of people does not mean we are naive as well.

Craigslist As A Source Of Cannabis 


Now let's say for example you are traveling and try to utilize Craigslist to source cannabis.

If it is NOT legal in your current location chances are you haven't hit the jackpot with the tons of weed ads you see. You are more than likely going to get robbed or get set up to worse situations. Think about it, the bad guys are banking on you incriminating yourself, so if something happens it is going to make it harder for you to call the police because ultimately you would be blaming yourself.

I have had a friend fall for a similar scheme in this particular situation. Disguised as a delivery service on craigslist claiming to have organic for sale, but when she called this didn't seem to be the case.

To her surprise when she called the people were more interested in who she was traveling with, where she was staying and her itinerary rather than her cannabis order. That was when she realized it was bait for something she wanted nothing to do with. Luckily she paid attention to the red flags and didn't pursue.

Right about now you probably think that whether marijuana is legal or not is the issue. Which in legality you couldn't be more correct, but it still is not safe to get marijuana on Craigslist even if it is legal in that area. It could always be a setup.

Craiglist Saftey Concern

Craiglist is a website full of ads that random people post. They try to monitor the site the best they can, but there is no real checks and balances set in place. Meaning the post isn't any more truthful than a want ad in the newspaper. No credentials needed.

I can go on there right now saying I have Grade A organic Acapulco Gold for sale,  hold real conversations to make a deal, take money virtually and never even had the stuff. People love to catfish people all day and especially if it involves money. Getting virtually robbed is more common and easier to accomplish than you think. It can turn to full-blown identity theft if you are not careful. Protect your money.

By now either your common sense light bulb has turned on or you think I'm referring to one in a million cases. 

So let's say you get through perfectly safe and get your cannabis. Do you even know what you are smoking? No lab tests or certifications are required.

Protect Your Investment


If you are a medicinal patient, the whole reason for smoking is for therapeutic benefits that could be tainted or nonexistent with the product you are receiving. In fact, you could end up with more toxins in your system from a contaminated source.

Even if you aren't a medicinal patient and cannabis is for recreational purposes where are you going back to if you just paid for a bogus eighth that doesn't even get you high. You pretty much waived all guaranteed rights by ignoring all red flags.

That would be what you call a life lesson.

At the end of the day, it is your choice to get weed wherever you want, but I would never recommend Craigslist as a reputable source for cannabis. There just isn't enough protection for you, your money or your investment.

About the author: Anita L.

Anita- Holistic -loving, Aquarius. Born and raised in the heart of CA.
Hobby: Learning to live a fearless life!