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We love cool products and gadgets, and the V4/Plush Vaporizer by V4/Twenty is definitely a cool product. Affordable with an all-glass pathway for a smooth and flavorful draw, the V4/Plush is a serious contender for your next vaporizer investment without breaking your bank.

Vaporizing technology is in a truly expansive phase. The vaping market is growing rapidly, calling for innovation in every aspect of production and use. In the V4/Plush, quality performance meets a sleek, practical design to create one of the most sophisticated vaporizers currently on the market.

Innovation-Driven Vision

Cleanliness, self-care, and innovation are the key elements of V4/Twenty’s vision. In their own words, V4/Twenty believes in “everybody’s right to self-medicate.” The folks at V4/Twenty consider themselves cannabis scholars and take the benefits of cannabis use seriously enough to tailor quality vaporizers to a healthy, user-friendly experience.

V4/Twenty is clearly dedicated to the idea that cannabis is first and foremost a wellness product, and the quality of their web presence mirrors that mantra. The V4/Twenty website features an extensive how-to page. Not only do they offer videos and tutorials on how to use their products, but they also provide quality content for anyone who wants to educate himself on what is vaporizing and how to make their vaping experience a high-quality one.

V4/Twenty also prioritizes customer privacy, a refreshing prerogative to see from any company you're buying from online.

V4/Plush Vaporizer 

The V4/Plush is a joy to unbox and a breeze to use.  And it's super cool.

V4/Plush Vape


It comes in an attractive box with an extensive kit which includes:

  • V4/plush Vaporizer
  • Extra Glass Mouthpiece
  • Metal Filters
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezers
  • USB Charger
  • A/C Adapter
  • User Guide
  • Card Grinder 
Plush mouthpiece with the all-glass pathway.

The All-Glass Pathway: Keeping It Cool and Flavorful

The Plush vaporizer itself is an incredibly lightweight, ergonomic and feels smooth in hand. It boasts an impressively sized chamber (0.65g) that sets it apart from most other vaporizers on the market.

It also houses its all-glass pathway filter inside a magnetic plastic top mouthpiece. The all glass pathway is terrific for enjoying the real taste of the flower and preserve its aroma.

All of these unique features, maintaining the Plush slick design and contributing to its great draw resistance and offers a robust, flavorful vapor.

The V4/Plush's controls are simple and easy to work. When you charge the Plush, a red light at the bottom of the vape flashes red, then turns green when the charge is complete. The five LEDs on the side of the Plush follow suit, first glowing red and indicating temperature setting when green.

The Plush heats from 356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 different temperature levels. You can also hold the button to cycle through the temperatures, a handy feature if you want to gain more from your vaping experience- wisely and discreetly.

The V4/Plush heats up quickly in 20 seconds, shuts off automatically after five minutes to save battery life, is fully charged in about 30 minutes, and only requires small puffs for a lot of odorless vapor.

Our community users love the Plush, and so far it has achieved a solid 5-star rating.

Take Away

The V4/Plush isn't the most expensive vaporizer on the market, but it's also not the cheapest. But it’s superior overall quality is worth every penny. You do get what you pay for, and in this case, you really get a lot more for the price tag of V4/Plush.

V4/Twenty’s dedication to creating a clean, quality vaping experience really pays off with this ideal product. The V4/Plush demonstrates how a company with true passion and motivation for creating healthy easy to use and discreet experience for cannabis consumers, that's what it takes to create something truly exceptional.

The team at Slyng are super excited to work with V4/Twenty.  We even featured them in our past contest and everyone loved it.  Don't forget to check out our exclusive V4/Twenty Plush coupon code to help you save even more money when you decide to purchase the V4/Twenty.


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