Professor X, Actor Patrick Stewart, Reveals He Uses Marijuana Daily

One of X-Men's most beloved characters, Professor X, played by British actor Patrick Stewart recently revealed how he turned to medical marijuana to battle the symptoms of arthritis. 

Stewart is 76 years old and has dealt with painful and distorted hands for a long time before seeing a doctor in Los Angeles, two years ago. 

Stewart said: 

"Two years ago, in Los Angeles, I was examined by a doctor and given a note which gave me legal permission to purchase, from a registered outlet, cannabis-based products, which I was advised might help the ortho-arthritis in both my hands," Stewart declared.

"This, it would seem, is a genetically-based condition. My mother had badly distorted and painful hands. I purchased an ointment, spray, and edibles. I believe that the ointment and spray have significantly reduced the stiffness and pain in my hands."

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His statement continues by pointing out the great benefits he has experienced and how this would be able to remedy thousands of people. He emphasizes the important step to destigmatize the public use of marijuana, and how he has not had a single negative side effect. 

"I have had no negative side effects from this treatment and the alternative would have been to continue taking NSAID's, Advil, Aleve, and Naproxen, which are known to be harsh on the liver and to cause acid reflux. As a result of this experience, I enthusiastically support the Oxford University Cannabis Research Plan. I believe this program of research might result in benefts for people like myself as well as millions of others." said Stewart. 

Before trying cannabis-based medicines, Stewart could not even make a fist, but after using these products, he is able to do so. It is shown that cannabis-based products are able to bring many benefits to its users, thus it is important to speak out about your use, because only through voicing these opinions can issues become less taboo.