Product Review: 7Pipe Twisty Blunt

By Manny C.
The new wonder blunt, Twisty delivers with elegance and efficiency.

As legalization takes state after state by storm, the cannabis community has seen some major changes. A lot of them, for once, are good changes. One of the most notable of these changes is the increasing accessories for cannabis lovers, gone are the days of empty soda cans and hole punched apples. Cannabis fans now have some amazing new, high-end and state of the art tools to consume with dignity and style. One of these amazing new goodies, is the 7 Pipe Twisty.

Founded in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay area, the Twisty is a revamp and upgrade to a traditional smokers favorite old school methods. Since it’s launch the company has boomed, and is even opening their flagship location in California! 

Traditionally, those of us that still stand by our preference for flower are limited on our accessories. Joints, bowls, bongs and blunts were pretty much our only options, leaving behind some serious mess (ewww blunt guts) and odor.  Blunts in particular have always been this girl's favorite, the air flow always was a deal breaker for me. Some roll too tight, some too loose, and both result in a less than optimal high. And that’s just a waste of good bud.

But there’s other perks that kept me for so long, one of my favorite being the flavors of blunts. The Twisty has swooned me over in that area, too. I usually choose wraps with a flavor that enhances or complements my flower, since the taste of burning paper is simply a damper on the natural beauty of a good grown nug. These extra steps and worries are now a thing of the past, keep reading to learn why! (Worth it, soooo worth it!)

The new 7 Pipe Twisty Blunt in box

What is the Twisty Blunt?

The Twisty is made from German engineered thick glass, which makes it not only pretty sturdy for a glass piece (yes, I already accidentally dropped it once and ONLY once) but it also keeps your piece cool to the touch.

Your first box will be packed with useful goodies, too. The kit includes not only the Twisty, but a cleaning brush (totally considerate, I think), a replacement O ring for the mouthpiece (this helps to create a good seal between the mouthpiece which is connected to the core, and the pipe itself), two end covers, and luxurious carrying satchel (so soft, and washable).

The wide, strong glass also delivers some super clean and mega deep hits. This one actually caught me by surprise, after packing my pipe for the first time I wasn’t sure how much air would make it’s way through the chamber, and we all know the value of a good air flow! It was perfect, maybe even a bit too much, but in a good way. Dense, but more smoke than air, yet still just enough air.


Flavor Enhancing

It felt like the Twisty really maximized my bud and it all lead up to a great experience with great ease. For those who are connoisseurs like myself, it’s a great perk which to me enhanced the flavor. This can also be a double edged sword if all you have access to is bunk-y skunk weed, consider yourself warned. You. Will. Taste. It.

The thick glass also supports the Twisty’s Infini-Cherry technology, which keeps your Twisty lit for you so relighting is no longer an annoying, repetitive, death stroke for your fingertips. For those living in areas where winter can be brutal this is a major victory! Goodbye cold fingers, hello sweet hits.

The glass is also wide enough to cool each hit as you go, so burning the back of your throat, sucking down ash, and burning your fingers  are also worries of the past! 

big rips
Twisty Blunt provides deep hits with amazing visual effects in the glass chamber

Packing It

The Twisty can hold up to about one and half grams, about as much as would be used for a good, shareable fatty. The glass isn’t obscenely wide, so you can even use it to scoop your green fresh out of the grinder.

Packing is a simple as one, two, three. You simply glide the gold twisting core into the pipe, and give it a few twists. Your green slides up the chamber, wrapping around the core, and spaces pretty evenly along the path. Each hit fills the core chamber and has this amazing visual effect that’s just so appealing and such a nice addition to the overall experience.  But that wasn’t the end for me, not by a long shot...

Twisty and the Bong 

As I looked more and more into the history of this brilliant device, I learned something that made my jaw drop. The Twisty is also compatible with 14mm bongs! You simply place the mouthpiece into the bowl of the bong and breathe deep. That’s it! How glorious is that?! No disassembly, no dropping your bud all over the place, no build up on your bong, just hit after sweet hit.

Sharing your Twisty with someone who doesn’t like bongs? No problem (well, there’s a long talk to be had about the glory of bongs, but that’s for another day), just lift off the Twisty and pass! Such simplicity and flexibility makes the Twisty that much more loveable and perfect for both sharing and solo. The piece also makes eyes pop, so brace yourself and expect to share when socializing.  

Odor Control

Another challenge that the Twisty address is the ever looming odor control. When smoking alone I rarely finish my own blunts, and I tend to die them out and save them for later on to kind of top off my high throughout the day. An especially useful method when overly stressed, or anxious.

The Twisty is fairly easy to ash, simply twist and the spent buds will fall off. This combined with the clear chamber so you can see how deep your cherry is and how much is ready to ash, makes the pipe really effective. Dying it out for later is a bit more tricky. I had to pack in the ash a bit with the tip of my lighter and then cover the end with one of the included caps and pull out the remaining smoke in the chamber. Then remove the cap and ash what’s left in the pipe before I pack it away for next time.

The relight was great and super easy, and the Infini-Cherry technology took over instantly during round two. But boy, when that cap goes on, it’s on. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s super simple to apply and remove, but just another thing to love about the Twisty is how that cap does an amazing job with odor control.

Once the cap is on and the smoke is out of the core chamber, the scent is pretty much gone. By the time I was slipping back into it’s sleek carrying bag, the sweet dank scents were pretty much unnoticeable. I was able to walk around confidently throughout the day with constantly spraying body spray or even thinking twice about my new little buddy hanging around in purse. 


Take Aways:

The 7 Pipe Twisty is definitely worth the investment. Sturdy, discreet, effective, simple, easy to clean and maintain, while still stylish and amazing quality. I couldn’t ask for much more in an accessory that truly caters to the bud lovers of the cannabis community.  A 5/5 on my book!

7 Pipe Twisty Blunt



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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.