Pet Health CBD Reviews | “At Ease” Pet CBD Tincture Bundle

By Joseph G.
The “At Ease” Pet CBD Tincture Bundle by Pet Health CBD is a bundle of alleviation for your bundle of joy.

Pet Health CBD Reviews

It may come as a surprise to pet owners that ingesting CBD tinctures is just as healthy for their pet’s overall health and well-being as it is for their own.

Although our pets can find relief for their inflammation, joint discomfort, anxiety, and stress in CBD just like we do, it still makes sense to create a CBD tincture that is specifically formulated to be ingested by pets.

With this in mind, the pet-loving individuals at Pet Health CBD set out to create special CBD tincture formulations that were made specifically for their furry ones at home.

Pet Health CBD decided to create CBD tinctures that focus on targeting the ailments they felt bothered their pets the most: muscle+joint discomfort and anxiety+stress.

After years of perfecting their formulas, Pet Health CBD unveiled the “At Ease” Pet CBD Tincture Bundle, which includes the Anti-Separation CBD Tincture and the Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture.

The Anti-Separation CBD Tincture helps pets with the anxiety and resulting stress that occurs when their owners need to be away for periods of time.

Pet Health CBD Products

The Anti-Separation CBD Tincture works by utilizing a specific blend of terpenes and CBD designed to help keep them calm while you are away for the day, week or month.

The Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture is aptly-named since the formula was designed to ease the discomfort pets may feel in the muscles and joints throughout the bodies.

Pets that have reached an elderly age will benefit the most from the daily use of the Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture, revitalizing themselves through the power of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, while pets who spend their days getting up from slippery hardwood floors or tiles will also greatly benefit from the daily use of this CBD formula.

The tinctures included in the “At Ease” Pet CBD Tincture Bundle may have been created for different purposes, but they were made with the same high ethical standards. Which includes the removal of unwanted impurities, additive-free manufacturing and mandatory lab tests for quality assurance.

Additionally, both tinctures in the bundle are THC-free (which is also assured through strict lab testing) and contain 300mg of CBD per 1oz bottle.

Improve the health of your furry loved ones with the daily use of the “At Ease” Pet CBD Tincture Bundle.

Pet Health CBD Company Profile

A company established with the intent to create CBD products specifically for pets, Pet Health CBD has delivered on their promise to offer a growing lineup of the highest quality pet CBD products available.

Pet Health CBD

The cannabis that Pet Health CBD utilizes in their products is lab-tested prior to being added to their formulas in order to guarantee that every product contains less than .3% THC.

The odorless, colorless liquid that Pet Health CBD uses in their products derives from coconut oil (MCT) and the full-spectrum CBD produces the Entourage Effect, which is when a specific blend of terpenes (flavor compounds in cannabis) help to produce the desired effect when combined with CBD.

Pet Health CBD understands what it’s like to be cautious over what supplements are given to pets, so they provide a thorough FAQ and blog section on their website addressing a wide range of concerns that pet owners may have prior to making any purchases.

Also featured on the company’s website is a web store where all of their products are available for purchase, which (so far) includes CBD Tinctures and Daily Wellness Capsules, with CBD Dog Treats available in the near future.

Visit Pet Health CBD today and see how you can improve the overall well-being of your pets for the rest of their lives.

“At Ease” Pet CBD Tincture Bundle Review

Pet Health CBD Tincture Bundle

If there is one canine that needs to partake in a CBD tincture bundle called “At Ease,” it’s the one that I spent some time with to test that tincture bundle out on.

As a young and energetic golden retriever, Obi-Wan is actually a very well-behaved and attentive good boy, but he is big and likes to get on his hind legs and be real huggy, so I had to watch out for that.

What made Obi a perfect candidate for the “At Ease” Tincture Bundle is a couple of reasons:

1) he spends a lot of time on slick surfaces, mainly tile and wood, meaning getting up and moving around on them can be stressful on his joints, and 2) I was babysitting him, so he would need to spend some time separated from his owners (one of which he is with almost constantly).

I figured that the Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture would help Obi out with preserving the integrity of his joints and muscles, especially since he gets the zoomies now and then and he slips and slides all over the place, contorting his ankles, knees, and shoulders into stressful positions.

Pretty much every time I’ve babysat Obi there have been times when he cries over not being with his owners, so I thought the Anti-Separation CBD Tincture would help Obi relax and not worry about being without them.

Let’s see how they did.

Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture Review

Pet Health CBD Muscle Relief

Obi-Wan the golden retriever is a young pup still, barely a year old, so he isn’t exactly having any problems with getting up and moving around on slick surfaces at this point in his life.

Despite this, it is inevitable that if Obi continues to live on slick surfaces he will experience joint pain.

For this reason, I am extremely glad that Obi is now being dosed with the Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture on a daily basis, due to CBD’s proven ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

The best part is that Obi ingested the dose without problems, quickly gobbling up the doggy treat soaked with the tincture.

I may not be his owner, but an easy feeling of relief washed over me knowing that Obi’s joints will do much better on the slick surfaces he’s usually on because he now takes the Muscle & Joint Tincture daily.

Look: 4.8/5

Build Quality: 4.8/5

Ease of Use: 4.8/5

Effectiveness: 4.8/5

Overall Score: 4.8/5

Anti-Separation CBD Tincture

Pet Health CBD Anti-Seperation

The effects of the Anti-Separation Tincture on Obi were more immediately apparent than the Muscle & Joint Tincture since Obi typically feels anxiety when left without his owners.

Prior to the babysitting session, I fed Obi a treat soaked with a dropper of the Anti-Separation Tincture.

I hoped ingesting the tincture before the owners left would give it time to take effect on Obi, allowing him to be immediately stress-free once they’re gone.

When the owners finally left, Obi did not start whining right away like usual but he finally did about ten minutes later, albeit more subdued and less intense than before.

In the six hours we spent together, Obi only whined once, which is a new record for him. The Anti-Separation formula worked! 

Look: 5/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 5/5

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