Pesticides Found in 93% of Products from Various Dispensaries in California

Out of 44 samples purchased from various dispensaries in California, 41 of those samples tested positive for pesticides, which means 93 percent of the products failed testing. These are not only cannabis flower products but also “vape” cartridges, these cartridges contain a concentrated cannabis oil. California does not currently have regulations in place for product testing by commercial laboratories, however these numbers are still incredibly alarming.

Steep Hill Lab’s based in Berkeley is one of the largest cannabis testing labs in the nation, making them the obvious choice for this Investigative Article. The allowable limits for pesticides were based off of the allowable limits in Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts and Nevada. These recreational marijuana states currently regulate the use of pesticide in cannabis and are being used as models for future California cannabis regulations.

Although the cannabis flower wasn’t branded it was found at the following dispensaries: 5 Gram Eighths, Bonafide, Gram Kings, Herbarium LA, Hollywood High Grade, HRC Inc., Kush Burners, LA Patients & Caregivers Collective, Long Lodge Tribal, Mary Jane’s, Perennial Holistic Wellness Center, PMA Collective, Undefeated 30 Cap, Urban Treez and Venice Medical Center.

The “vape” cartridges were branded and the following brands failed the pesticide testing: THClear Private Reserve Skywalker, Heavy Hitters Truth, Spliffin Pure Dante’s Fire, Honey Blackberry, Bhang Pure Sativa, Oasis Clear Paris OG, Oasis Clear SFV OG, The Clear Strawberry, Honey Farm Indica, Bhang Pure Hybrid, Bloom Farms Highlighter Indica, Flav Rx Blackberry Kush, California Honey Skywalker, Flav Rx Sour Diesel, Flav Rx Train Wreck, Rove Indica OG and G Farma Labs Liquid Gold Red.

We may not have regulations in place for pesticides in California but that doesn’t mean that we can’t begin to educate ourselves and our community about what safe cannabis products are currently on our market. We implore everyone to ask the necessary questions and do the research about the brands, when purchasing from a dispensary. The full list of dispensary locations can be found here.