Officers Fired After Claiming Rats Ate 1,200 Pounds of Weed

By Kaitlyn M.
Police officers in Argentina are facing legal trouble after consuming 1,200 pounds of marijuana and trying to blame it on rats.

There are many times where people have lied about weed. Whether it's smoking someone last bowl or telling an officer it's, not theirs, people have created some hilarious excuses to not get into trouble. But now it is the laws turn to face judgment as eight police officers will be on the stand for blaming missing weed on animals.

Officers in Argentina Have Some Explaining to Do


Officers located in Argentina not far from Buenos Aires are in hot water after officials realized around 1,200 pounds of marijuana went missing from the facilities impounded cache. The discrepancy was discovered after someone took inventory at the station. Two years ago, it was reported the facility was in possession of 13,220 pounds of weed and when they discovered there were almost 550 kilos missing, they turned to the officers for answers.

Eight of Argentina’s finest explanation for the missing marijuana was that rats ate it. No, you didn’t misread that- they are claiming that rats ate 1,200 pounds of cannabis. As soon as the police commissioner heard about this he alerted the internal affairs division.

Once forensic experts were called to the scene, they stated it is unlikely rats are to blame for the missing confiscated plants.

A spokesperson for the judge in the case explained further. “Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food and that if a large group of mice had eaten it, a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse”, they said.

Immediately the officer’s claims were dismissed and they were fired on the spot. Clearly, this was the case of “the dog ate my homework”, because why would they ever think someone would believe that ridiculous excuse? Regardless, the eight officers will stand before a judge in May to be sentenced.  

Poking Fun at the Officers Expense

While this is, of course, a serious problem, that hasn’t stopped pretty much everyone from poking fun at the officer's hilarious excuse for the missing weed. There were quite a few Mickey Mouse getting high jokes on Twitter. My favorite comment was “What says: Police Fired After Claiming Mice Ate Half-Ton Of Missing Weed What I read: STONED MICKEY MOUSE”.

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However, one commenter defended the words of the eight men. He said, “Not sure if rats will not eat dried weed. I do know for a fact that rats will eat marijuana plants, as mine have been eaten numerous times. Just saying....”

This Isn’t the First Time

Sadly, this isn’t the first time we have heard about police officers stealing from the confiscated property.

In January of this year, two police officers from Toronto allegedly stole marijuana that was from a dispensary raid. The two cops couldn’t handle their weed however because they felt sick and almost fainted. They were both taken to the hospital and were “nauseous but conscious”.

While these situations are generally labeled as funny and stupid, to me it is frustrating. I am always in support of police officers because they are doing a hard job and protecting citizens with their lives. But when officers get off on charges that a citizen would be locked away for, it is unjust.

That can be shown in an article from August of 2017 from The Root. Two officers from Kern County Sheriff’s Office in Bakersfield, California fell deep into the crooked cop rabbit hole. Logan August and Derrick Penney stole marijuana from the Sheriffs evidence locker and sold it on the streets with the help of a former snitch.


They were facing hefty charges of a maximum of five years in prison each, a fine of $250,000 each and a minimum of two years of supervised release. But, all they received was a slap on the wrist and probation due to remorse and their wives being humiliated.

The Judge was reported to be, “clearly moved by the defendants’ remorse, their decision to voluntarily confess everything to investigators, the pain the families have already suffered, and the unwavering support the two wives have given their husbands.”

Both of the officer’s wives spoke in court and one of the talked about how it felt to be in their position. “Being the wife of a law-enforcement officer is not easy. Being the wife of a fallen law-enforcement officer is even more difficult”, she said. reported on the issue in further detail. They stated, “The two deputies “abused” their positions of trust and authority, the plea agreement states, “to take for unlawful personal gain marijuana plants from KCSO property that had been seized in the course of … marijuana eradication operations.”

There will always be corrupt officials in the world, but it is sad that they are tainting the names of other amazing police offices all over. I do believe that people deserve a second chance but a police officer abusing their power for personal gain is simply not acceptable. If they want to get high, they need to get their medical card or move to Colorado and get it recreationally.


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