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By Manny C.
Sleek, modern, discreet.

The world of vaping has exploded into it’s own unique kind of “submarket” of the cannabis industry. From pushing the envelope with new technologies to hosting competitions, vaping has become a huge and active community.

The boom in this market led to the birth of hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business to sway the growing cannabis markets, companies like O2VAPE are a result. Founded in 2013, O2 was created by a United States veteran and has grown to become a 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner and the leading vape accessory production company. O2 produces and ships:

  • Oil Vape Pens Kits
  • Wax Vape Pens
  • Dry Herb Vape Pens
  • Vape Pen Batteries
  • Oil Vape Cartridges
  • Glass Vape Cartridges
  • Wickless Vape Cartridges
  • Vape Pen Accessories
  • Wholesale Vape Pens
  • Cartridge Filling Machines

Having made so many achievements in so little time, O2 set their sights on their next goal, creating the perfect concealable vape pen. This challenge lead to the birth of the O2VAPE Flip, a “concealable vape pen with 510 thread”. The Flip was designed specifically to be discreet, easy to use, always ready to go, and simple to maintain.

O2Vape Flip 

The Flip delivers a smooth, consistent personal experience for those who prefer oil cartridges. Each hit felt clean and flavorful, and those small details make the experience of using the Flip a bit more unique. While the Flip is ideal for personal use, the device does run on a battery and can overheat becoming warm to the touch, be sure to turn the device off between uses and avoid over using during each sesh.

Although I have never had a bad experience with overheating or burning, nothing is perfect and in the tech world we know defects can happen. Always stay on the side of safety and be sure to let the device cool down if it becomes overly warm or uncomfortable to the touch.


The O2 Flip comes ready to go, the attached charger is a USB that you can plug into your laptop or the adapter of phone (if compatible), and there’s also an option to purchase a wall charger adapter on the O2 site for a reasonable deal.

The light is GREEN when you’re charging and when you’re fully charged the LED light will turn itself off. Remove the usb and simply tuck it back into the body of the vape battery, and you’re ready to go. A simple push of a button and the cartridge flips up, ready to be filled or replaced.

O2 offers a few tips and tricks to making the most out of your Flip, including: preferably using cartridges with a resistance of over 1.2 ohms to ensure optimal function, use any O2VAPE cartridges for best quality puff and low leakage, and to keep in mind, that if you reach the 15 second limit the battery will go into a short protection mode to ensure safe vaping.  

O2 also reminds users to turn off the battery when not in use to prevent unwanted activation. Always try to use a cartridge that’s made for the thickness of oil that you’ll be using, that will help to reduce any chance of leakage.

Keeping true to its goals, the Flip is simple to use and includes a walkthrough that gets you going right away. To turn the pen on and off you click the power button 5 times. Flipping out the cartridge is a simple push of a the button that is on the top right corner. The glass vape cartridge that’s included can be refilled and O2 even provides an online guide for that process for new users.


True to the community demand, one of the greatest features of the O2 Flip its level of discretion. Unlike most pens that need to be assembled or disassembled, or that require specific cartridges and have ritualistic reloading experiences, the Flip it much more minimalistic.

It opens with the push of a button, folds quietly back into itself, and refills can be done with refillable Flip cartridges or can be used with other types of industry 510 standard cartridges. The simple ease of the Flip being it’s own stylish and discreet carrying case just rounds out the Flip as not only well developed but graceful as well.

The next impressive feature would have to be the battery length, with moderate daily use (about 2-3 uses every 4-6 hours) the Flip really delivered on performance. The charge after being taken out of the box wasn’t needed for about two days and then the last charge that week was about three days later. This retention makes the Flip even more mobile, on top of its discretion and ease of use

O2Vape Flip/ USB

Take away: 8 out of 10

The O2VAPE Company honors its veteran roots by delivering a quality product developed effectively, here in America, at a decent price - that much is apparent and achieved. The Flip is really an embodiment of those values, by listening to the cannabis consumer community, the patient community and adhering to their standard of quality, this product hits the target for so many reasons.

One of the main challenges for patients is that on the federal level, cannabis consumption and possession are still illegal. And even in legalized states there are strict regulations and laws about public consumption, even debate on whether your own front porch is private enough to consume has been popping up! With all of the conflicts, the cannabis industry and medical community remain in a fragile place.

Disturbed further by ongoing social stigma, so discretion is imperative to some patients depending on medical cannabis and for those who wish to exercise personal liberties in legalized states. The Flip addresses those needs head on while providing visual appeal and great quality.   

Read some customer reviews and try it for yourself, be sure to share your opinion with us and leave a review!

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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.