NorCal Cannabis Cup 2017 Winners

By Manny C.

This year’s NorCal Cannabis Cup comes with some changes for attendees compared to last year’s NorCal Medicinal Cannabis Cup. As California moves to combine recreational and medicinal cannabis laws, despite various delays. High Time’s NorCal Cannabis Cup was prepared to embrace and celebrate California’s new recreational laws that will go into effect Jan 2018. This year’s Cup featured changes to two categories from last year, and introduced two brand new categories for 2017. The 2016 Best Infusion category was updated to Best Medically Infused Product while the 2016 Best Vape Pen was updated to the 2017 Best Product category. The Best Vape Pen Cartridges and Best Non-Solvent Hash where introduced this year showing another industry trend for consumption methods, as well as Cali’s focus on product purity and organic grows. The remaining categories have shifted to respond to current trends in the Cali cannabis industry, with this year’s top listed winner being Satori Chocolates by CannaCraft in the Edibles category. Overall this year’s two-day event has a feel that not only shows the long love that the Cup has held for the cannabis industry, but also celebrates the changes that are happening and empowers the modern cannabis movement. Saturday kicked off with amazing booths, vendor samples, and industry discussions. The NorCal Cup spent both days digging deep with attendees by covering topics such as the future of concentrates, home growing, starting a cannabis business, technology and cannabis, and hosting a veteran’s panel. The evenings were filled music, socializing, vendor goodies, and the annual awards ceremony. This year’s categories and first place winners were:


BEST EDIBLE: Satori Chocolates by CannaCraft


BEST TOPICAL: 1:3 CBD Rich Relief Balm by Papa and Barkley


BEST CBD EDIBLE: Blueberry Peach CBD/THC by Sensi Sweets



BEST CBD CONCENTRATE: Strawnana DC by Critical Concentrates with Synergy Cannabis Co and LA Kush


BEST MEDICALLY INFUSED PRODUCT: The Bliss Army Pre-Roll by Sunnabis and Bohemian Highway Rosin Artists


BEST VAPE PEN CARTRIDGES: Sour Diesel 100% Cannabis Oil by Indigo Pro


BEST NON-SOLVENT HASH: Milk & Cookies Drysift Rosin Wax by Exotic Genetics


BEST INDICA CONCENTRATE: Golden State Banana by Critical Concentrates with LA Kush and CHR

BEST SATIVA CONCENTRATE: Yellow Cake by Royal Key Organics with Greenwolf


BEST HYBRID CONCENTRATE: Pineapple Crush Live Resin by Humboldt’s Finest


BEST INDICA FLOWER: Banana Fig #8 by Fig Farms


BEST SATIVA FLOWER: L.A. Snow by Lumpy’s Flowers


BEST HYBRID FLOWER: Mother Pucker by Buds & Roses

Best Booth - California’s Finest

Best Product - California’s Finest / Nick & Nate Diaz / Synergy

Best Vaporizer - The Aurora by Dr. Dabber


A special award was also presented to Eddy Lepp, who received the NorCal Cannabis Cup Lifetime Achievement Award. Lepp, also known as Pot POW, had previously served eight years in Federal prison as a result of a medical cannabis grow seizure where 32,524 medical cannabis plants were confiscated in what is believed to be the largest seizure in U.S. history. High standards have been set, and many can’t wait to see what happens this year at the MidWest Medical Cannabis Cup in Cilo, Michigan. You can find tickets and the schedule, here. The event is open to current medicinal cannabis patients only.


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About the author: Manny C.

Cannabis Activist, industry blogger, and founding member of Illinois Citizens Responsible Regulation.