Nickel, Dime, Dub…..Four Finger Lid?!

By Anita L.
Measuring marijuana has not always been as organized as it is today. The old measurement system worked more off of loyalty than actual weight. Becoming one of the most significant changes made in the cannabis community upon medical legalization

The stealth measurement system of the past was not consistent enough to take cannabis to the next level. No time for scales or setup, just the amount of money and you will get what is appropriate for that amount versus product grade. Completely different from today's measurements.

If you were a loyal customer, friend or the person was just feeling your vibes you probably would get a fatter portion than usual. If you were on the other end of the spectrum, well chances were you would either get less or the amount bought.  

The common increments were sorted by how much you’re willing to spend. Straight to the point to disguise the sale. The most common amounts included a Nickel ($5), Dime ($10), Dub ($20) and a Lid an ounce ($100).

The Nickel

A nickel is not literally five cents. It's a reference term for five dollars. Usually, the quantity of weed for this amount of money is anywhere from a quarter of a gram to half of a gram.  Enough for one bowl or maybe even a joint if you stretched it.

A nickel is a right amount to purchase to test out the weed. Or if it was all you had to spend. Careful it is not just "shake" pot.  

A Dime or Dime bag


A dime is a ten dollar portion of cannabis. It is also referred to as a dime bag. The primary weight range for a dime is anywhere from half of a gram to a full gram. But here is where things get dicey.

A dime bag is a mini ziplock bag that can fit more than the amount referenced for a dime. You can snuggly fit up 1.5 to 2 grams. This has caused plenty of controversy to beginners and the definition of the bag period. The mini ziplock bag is the middle ground to the measurement system because it is what people use to measure out dime portions. The bags are easily accessible online and are legal.  

Unfortunately, the bags themselves are known as drug paraphernalia due to their widespread usage.



You have probably heard this term used to describe rims on a car or as lyrics in a song.  Dub is a familiar term that carries multiple meanings adding a little bit more stealthiness to its definition.  

It is the term used for a twenty dollar portion of weed. The typical weight can range from one to four grams depending on the grade. You are getting quite a few joints and bowls out of this piece.

A dub sack doesn’t have a specific bag like the dime bag, so don't be alarmed when you see two dime bags or one jam-packed.  


A lid is a little bit different than the rest as it doesn’t give a specific amount of money, but of cannabis. It is said to be an ounce, which is 28 grams, usually delivered in a sandwich Ziploc bag. Yes like the ones you find at Walmart.

A lid is also called a four finger lid. A "Four fingers Lid" is the definition of an ounce that is measured using your fingers horizontally against the Ziploc bag.

This used to be a standard way to buy marijuana. A popular way for people to exchange weed. Strains and their development were limited back in the days and still in some areas.  No real regulation or policies on how cannabis should be grown.

It’s not like in legal areas today where most of our medicine comes with proven lab ratings.  Nothing was ever the same grade or even same weight. There is still a wide range of interpretation to each definition of measurement.

You can't honestly protect your investment or your medicine with this system. It ultimately was used to protect the one love community but now brings about too much risk to everyone involved.  

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About the author: Anita L.

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