NBA Finals 2017: Cavaliers Locker Room Smelled like Weed?

On Game 2 of the NBA Finals series, the Cleveland Cavaliers faced the Golden State Warriors, and lost by 19 points. From the start of the game, Kevin Durant was proving some intense defense that paid off immensely, with the Warriors winning. After the game, the Cavaliers' went back to their locker room, and it was here that ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst confirmed that the Cavaliers' locker room smelled of marijuana. 



This segment on ESPN, features multiple TV personalities and ESPN reporters discussing the scent in the Cavaliers' locker room. While Windhorst does confirm that the locker room smelled of marijuana, he admits that it could be anyone from the media, or the players themselves. But this brings up an important debate - should professional NBA players be allowed to smoke marijuana, especially in states that haven't recreationally legalized it? Jalen Rose, a former professional athlete, stated that if "it's legal and you're an adult, it's no different than drinking alcohol, drinking wine, or smoking tobacco, then you should be able to smoke marijuana."

Many have opposing views on whether or not athletes should be allowed to smoke marijuana. But at the end of the day, these are adults making their own decisions. They should do as they see appropriate.