Everything You Need to Know About Moonrocks and How You Can Make Your Own!

Slyng is here to save the day. We know you have been wondering what is with this new craze: moonrocks. Well we have got the answers for you! 

What are Moonrocks? 

A Moonrock consists of a bud (generally Girl Scout Cookies), covered in hash oil, and then rolled in Kief. You can only imagine how much THC is contained in this. And according to studies, it can be up to 50% THC, depending on which strain is used. 

Who Invented Moonrocks?

The invention of Moonrocks has been given to Kurupt & Dr. Zodiak. Kurupt is a Los Angeles native, who was the Executive Vice President of Death Row Records and a rapper. Their invention became a hit when they were able to get the rapper Snoop Dogg to do a feature with it. 

Kurupt & Dr. Zodiak's Moonrocks blasts a 51.20% THC, 0.15% CBD, and 0.02% CBN. The extremely high levels of THC will be great in relieving pain and the 0.15% CBD will effectively reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Moonrock Recipe

It might be a strenuous activity to find Moonrocks at your local dispensary but you are able to make your own using this recipe! 

What you need:

Hash Oil
Cannabis (preferably Girl Scout Cookies)


1. Choose a compacted bud and make sure it is the appropriate size according to the amount of kief and hash oil you have available. 

2. Using the dropper, cover the bud thoroughly in hash oil but make sure not to over saturate it. 

3. Using the tweezers, pick up the bud and roll it around in the kief. Making sure to cover the bud all around. 

4. Let the bud dry completely.

5. After it completely dries, break it in half so you can admire the beautiful creation that you have just created. 


How To Smoke Moonrocks

It is best recommended to smoke Moonrocks from a pipe or hash bowl.

Do NOT use a grinder as it will lose much of the kief.