Melissa Etheridge Smokes Cannabis With Her Adult Children

Acclaimed Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Mellissa Etheridge, recently revealed to Yahoo that she smokes weed with her adult children. Etheridge is a mother of four, and has been smoking recreationally since her twenties. But it wasn't until she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in October of 2004, when she became a medical marijuana enthusiast and advocate. 

Her advocacy can be thanked partially to her good friend and singer, David Crosby, who convinced her to use cannabis as a medicinal aid during her lumpectomy and rounds of chemo and radiation in 2004. 

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Melissa Etheridge performing at the 2005 Grammy Awards after being diagnosed.  

"I asked many of my friends [who had gone through chemo], 'What's the experience? What are you doing?' And my friend David Crosby, he was the first one who said, 'You know, Melissa, you have to do medicinal marijuana. You have to [try] cannabis. That's the way to do it. It's too hard otherwise,'" said Etheridge. Doctors had tried to prescribe her a steroid as a pain reliever, but Etheridge declined. "I'm like, 'No, I'm going to go this natural way. I'm gonna go with this one plant that [the] side effect is euphoria. I think I'm OK with that when I'm on chemo!" exclaimed Etheridge. 

Now that she's cancer free, Etheridge revealed she has smoked marijuana with her 20-year-old daughter, Bailey Jean, and 18-year-old son, Beckett. "It was funny at first, and then they realized it's very natural [at the] end of the day. It brings you closer. I'd much rather have a smoke with my grown kids than a drink." said Etheridge. Etheridge is also the mother of 11-year-old twins, daughter Johnnie Rose and son Miller Steven, but she does not use cannabis in front of them. "I treat it just as any other medicine in the house, just as a bottle of vodka would be, you know, 'This is for Mom; you don't [try] this. When you're grownups you can deal with that.'" 

Melissa Etheridge is a leader for marijuana legalization and helps alleviate the stigma against smoking marijuana and responsibility. She is clearly one of the strongest fighters, and continues to showcase the benefits of medicinal marijuana.