Jeff Sessions is 'Surprised' American's Don't Agree With His Anti-Marijuana Stance

Last month, 57 percent of American's said that they were in favor of marijuana legalization. This comes at a "surprise" for attorney general Jeff Sessions. On Tuesday, Sessions was speaking at Luke Air Force Base in Nogales, Arizona, when he stated "When they nominated me for attorney general, you would have thought the biggest issue in America was when I said, 'I don't think America's going to be a better place if they sell marijuana at every corner grocery store,'" said Sessions. "[People] didn't like that; I'm surprised they didn't like that." Sessions continued. 

If you aren't familiar with what Sessions is referring to, in a speech in Richmond, Virginia last month, Sessions stated that "marijuana was only slightly less awful than heroin." But these aren't the only quotes Session has against anti-legalization. In that same speech in Richmond, Virginia, Sessions stated "I realize this may be an unfashionable belief in a time of growing tolerance of drug use, but too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable: I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store, I think medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much." Attorney General Sessions said.

Sessions has even gone as far as saying "Good people don't smoke marijuana," when he was being confirmed to be Trump's attorney general. So far, the Trump administration has proven no action on the nearly twenty states that are defying federal law by allowing medicinal and recreational marijuana. Since the Trump administration has come into power, multiple bills have been presented in the House and Senate, aimed to fully legalize marijuana. Clearly proving that even state's don't agree with the administration and it's outdated outlook on marijuana. 

This comes as a surprise to our neighbors up north in Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has put legalislation in order to fully legalize marijuana in Canada by July of 2018