Integra Boost Humidity Control Review

By Joseph G.
Keeping stored weed fresh is simultaneously a quality issue and a health issue, and Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Regulator ensures your bud stays in the optimal environment to preserve taste and prevent spoilage for extended periods of time.

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Ingesting cannabis should always be done with the freshest bud possible, but the natural degradation of marijuana guarantees that every successive session will be less flavorful and potent than the last.

Fortunately, while the degradation of weed cannot be completely halted, it can certainly be slowed down significantly with the use of humidity controls.

The Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Regulator utilizes a salt-free solution which reacts to the surrounding climate and keeps the humidity inside a marijuana container at an even 62%, which is the ideal measurement of air moisture to preserve cannabis in.

By keeping the moisture level in a container from becoming too low, the tastiest parts of the bud will not dry out, remaining in their most flavorful and potent state. When moisture levels are too high it can result in a perfect environment for mold growth.

Integra Company Profile


All Integra humidity regulators utilize the company’s own patented, salt-free, 100% non-toxic 2-way humidity control formula to either release or absorb moisture from the environment they’re placed in.

The salt-free aspect of Integra’s humidity regulator formula is an important one to note, as it means that the precious flavors of every preserved spice, bud or cigar will never be altered or influenced.

All of Integra’s humidity control regulators are FDA-approved and made with tear-resistant, biodegradable, non-toxic pouches which feature labeling printed with food-grade ink, ensuring your preserved goods will not be contaminated or unsafe to consume in any way no matter how long they have been sitting in a jar on the shelf.

Integra offers a variety of humidity regulator types, with the two main humidity levels being 55% and 62%, each coming with three sizes to choose from 4-gram, 8-gram, and 67-gram.

Every Integra humidity regulator is bundled with a replacement indicator card which is placed inside the container along with the goods and humidity regulator in order to make it clear when the regulator needs to be replaced, turning from pink to blue when ready, which will help maintain optimal preservation levels in the container.

Integra Boost 8 Gram 62% 2-Way Humidity Control Regulator Review

I’ve never used a humidity regulator beyond sticking a slice of an orange peel in my weed jar overnight a few times, which made the weed very soft and flavorful but difficult to burn and keep lit while smoking.

It was a total amateur attempt at controlling the humidity level in my weed container and it left me curious about how it would’ve turned out if I had used a device made specifically to regulate humidity levels around my stash.

My curiosity has now been satisfied after using the 8-Gram Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control at 62%, and using it has definitely made me a firm believer in the importance of keeping the environment inside my stash of weed at a balanced level.

Years of not paying attention to the humidity levels around my stash have led to ingesting pounds and pounds of stale weed, taking it for granted that this is just how the cookie crumbles when it comes to storing bud.

Well let me tell you, fellow smokers, your weed does not have to go stale ever again thanks to the help of the non-toxic, salt-free 8-Gram Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control at 62%.

The device’s complex name may lead one to believe that it’s a big complicated contraption but the regulator itself is no more than a small white square packet that’s a few inches big, wrapped in a plastic wrapper and bundled with a replacement indicator card.

One side of the regulator has the number “62” on the top right to indicate the 62% humidity level the salt-free formula will balance the surrounding environment too, and “8gr” is written right below it to indicate the size of the packet.

The opposite side of the packet contains information about the contents of the humidity regulator (indicated as a harmless solution that does not contain corrosive salts) and instructions on how to use the device.

Using The Integra Humidity Regulator Packet

Using the 8-Gram Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control at 62% is extremely simple and only requires a container large enough to hold the weed, the humidity regulator packet, and the replacement indicator card.

I have gone through a fundamental change in the way I treat my weed thanks to Integra’s humidity regulator, as the same stash of weed tastes just as fresh as the day I picked it up from the dispensary for the entire time I have it, which is typically two weeks at a time.

Not only does the 8-Gram Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control at 62% keep bud fresh, flavorful and beautiful for the entire time you have it stored, it also keeps your weed free of contaminants such as mold and mildew, a consequence of letting the humidity in a container rise to high and unsafe levels.

Realizing that the Integra’s humidity regulator was not only keeping my weed fresh but also ensuring that my health is not negatively affected by moldy weed made me wonder just how much my health has been unexpectedly impacted by quasi-moldy weed and/or how much my own flavor palette has been affected by ingesting pounds and pounds of stale and dried-out weed over the years.

Just how much of a difference can Integra’s humidity regulators make on your daily weed smoking experience? Let’s find out.

Integra Humidity Regulators For Preserving Quality

Harvested marijuana buds experience a state of change which turns the chemical with potent psychoactive properties (THC) into a chemical with slightly sedative properties (CBN) which explains why old, dry weed doesn’t work very well psychoactively.

Additionally, the terpenes and cannabinoids responsible for marijuana’s awesome flavors will also reduce in potency if subjected to excessively dry conditions, which explains why old, dry weed doesn’t taste very well.

The key to maintaining the flavor and potency of marijuana is controlling the humidity surrounding it at all times, which preserves the life of the plant’s oils and chemical properties.

This is where the 8-Gram Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control at 62% comes to your weed’s rescue.

Placing the Integra humidity regulator inside an airtight container with weed will result in the perfect humidity level for terpene and cannabinoid preservation since the humidity regulator has been designed to either absorb or release moisture according to its surroundings.

Each Integra humidity regulator will keep your weed as fresh as the day it was purchased for months on end, making it a simple and affordable solution for those looking to always have the freshest and potent bud on the block.

Integra Humidity Regulators For Preserving Health

Although ingesting cannabis is a proven way to help boost your immune system, ingesting cannabis that is tainted with mold turns a healthy weed session into a poisonous endeavor.

The interesting thing is, we breathe in random floating mold spores practically every day of our lives but usually do not experience illness as a direct result. This is the reason why if there are a few random spores found on weed it will not sicken the user.

The problem occurs when there are millions or even thousands of spores that are being inhaled or ingested, as the human body contains the perfect environment for mold to thrive in: a warm and moist place.

Ingesting moldy weed is typically not deadly, but it can cause a severe problem for those with weakened immune systems, and many medical marijuana patients ingest cannabis specifically to help boost their weakened immune systems.

It’s easy to see the dilemma, here.

Mold growth on marijuana is caused by improperly storing it in a high-humidity environment. Thankfully, preventing mold from spreading all over your bud is a simple task that’s made easier with the use of the 8-Gram Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control at 62%.

Simply placing your bud into an airtight container with an Integra humidity regulator will be enough to keep your weed in an optimal humidity level, preventing the spread of all fungal contaminants.

In addition to using an Integra humidity regulator, placing the container away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place is a good precaution to take to prevent mold growth.

I recommend the 8-Gram Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control at 62% to anyone who is concerned about keeping the quality of their marijuana at the highest level possible as it preserves the flavor, potency and mold-free state of fresh cannabis for months to come.

Look: 4/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.75/5

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