Indica vs Sativa | The Best Option For You

By Anita L.
Indica versus Sativa is like comparing apples to oranges. Indica and Sativa both have their beauty and benefits so much it is hard to pick one over the other without referencing the reason for usage. Let's dive a little deeper to investigate the differences between the two so you can gauge which is most suitable for you.

 Here are 7 differences in the battle of Indica versus Sativa.

1. The High


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 Indica is more geared for a couchlocked relaxed high. You tend to be more sleepy and hungry, but its excellent for body pain and nausea. Meanwhile, Sativa is a fatigue-fighting savage in its class. It builds your energy leaving you creative, and happy. A head high that will give you a level of focus that expresso wishes it could.

***Tip: Make sure you read up the specific strain you are trying to consume for adverse side effects to be aware of, ie, paranoia and anxiety.

2. CBD and THC ratios


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Sativas are higher in CBD than THC, so it aids pain and inflammation while fighting your fatigue. Don’t underestimate the THC punch they pack. Indicas have a more elevated THC ratio to the amount of CBD. A big reason why so many Indicas are used for pain and various cough medicine in the past. Ultimately with either, you can achieve beneficial therapeutic heights

3. Activities


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Since the highs are different so can the setting that you smoke them in ( This also depends on what kind of person you are too). Sativas would be best utilized in more of a social environment like a party or an event. Due to their high energy properties. I would also recommend it for more studying or any creative space that may require some consistent concentration. Indicas, on the other hand, would be best for that relaxing evening after a long work day/week or even something like a movie night. I also like to use it in the space of meditation.

4. Regions of the world

Regions of the world- Indica, and Sativa originate in different areas around the globe. Meaning they aren't grown the same, but we will get more into that in a minute. Indica or also know as “Indian cannabis” is naturally grown in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Morroco, Lebanon.

It is known to grow in the mountainous areas and its actually why “kush got its name, from being found in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Now Sativa, on the other hand, originates in eastern Asia, Africa and other tropical humid areas around the globe.

5. Growth Patterns


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This is critical information if you are planning to grow your own. You can’t grow Indica and Sativa strains the same. It would be an Epic fail if you tried. They don’t originate in the same weather conditions which makes their yield completely different. Sativas grow higher while Indica strains tend to grow wider.

It takes an Indica flower 45 to 60 days to develop where a Sativa takes from 60 to 90 days. Even though a Sativa takes longer it ultimately yields more cannabis because of how tall the plants can get. Indicas only grow up to 6 feet where a Sativa plant can grow up to 20 feet, which leads me to the next category.

6. Appearanceundefined

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We have already established above the difference in the height of plants, so let's start with the leafs. Indica leafs are broad, short and real dark in color, while Sativas are long, narrow and light in color. Sativa buds are more fluff and aired out, where Indica buds are known for their density and tightness.

7. Taste & Smell


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Last but not least in the battle of differences versus the two. Taste and smell are distinctively different. Indicas tend to be more sweet and fruity flavored strains where Sativa strains are more earthy and piney flavored. Completely different but equally satisfying. Of course, this isn’t being strain-specific which nowadays can be very different.


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So there you have it! Seven differences for you to compare and rate with one is better for you. Again only you know what you need! If you are a patient and fight certain illnesses naturally, you are going to gear your usage based on how you are feeling, so go with it and experiment with what works for you and your medicinal management.

The same outlook should apply to your recreational use as well. You are ultimately the decision maker. Happy smoking!!


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