ID: Interview with Instagram's pot_ographer

Welcome to our new weekly series, ID. The idea of ID is to showcase the voice of our readers and users, and their goals. This week, we bring you an interview with Instagram's pot_ographer. As a young social media influencer in the cannabis industry, pot_ographer aims to become a professional photographer for Hightimes Magazine and eventually run his own magazine featuring growers and products. 


1. What/Who inspired you to start your Instagram Page?

Honestly, I was just sitting in a garage with a few buddies just toking away and I'd always take pictures of bud. Then it came to me and I thought I'd share it with the community and that's what inspired me. 


2. What is/are the main goal(s) for you? 

I really just want to focus on getting into the cannabis industry somehow. Doesn't necessarily have to be growing. I would really like to be a photographer for High Times. Sounds crazy, but that's my main goal. 


3. What are some common problems you face and how do you deal with them? 

I wake up everyday and suffer from what is called I.E.D. (Intermittent Explosive Disorder). It's so painful dealing with, my mind is all over 24/7 and I snap at little things. But once I spark up, it's like I've been handed a whole new body. Cannabis really is a miracle.


4. How is pot_ographer different than other Instagram accounts?  What's your emphasis?  

It's different because I'm a single individual who is trying to grow on my own and start up something small [and have it] grow [into something bigger] just like I did from childhood to adulthood. And most other accounts are driven by multiple people. 


5. Where do you want pot_ographer to grow in the next 5, 10 years?

It'd be nice if I could possibly have my own magazine company featuring growers, products and biographies. 


6. Do you have any advice for people who want to get started on Instagram?

Just post daily, at least 3 times. Just use your head a little bit and post when people are usually off work or just waking up. It's when people check their phones the most. I mean everyone checks their phone as soon as they wake up 9 times out of 10.


7. What are some challenges you have run into with Instagram? And how do you deal with them? Since I know that there has been difficulty from Instagram on accounts that contain anything marijuana related.

I have ran into problems such as getting deleted because of people reporting my page for violation of the terms. However, social media isn't sentimental to me. I just simply made new accounts after each time and kept on continuing my thing.


8. How do you keep yourself motivated to continue working on your Instagram?

I really enjoy photography and instagram is the perfect place to share your personal photography. On the plus side to that note, instagram let's millions (if not, billions) see the photos that are posted.  


9. Do you think that Instagram has changed the game for people who want to get started in the cannabis industry?

In a way, yes. But only by making it easier to get connected with other people in the industry. Instagram doesn't teach the knowledge needed to be able to soar in the industry.


Pot_ographer brings up many valid points, and is a great source of inspiration for upcoming social media influencers. He is also the first to post on our slyng stock image site, so make sure to check that out as well as his Instagram page