How to Pass a Supervised Drug Test 2020

By Angela W.
Interested in learning more about how you can pass a monitored urine test in 2020 with synthetic urine? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Pass a Supervised Drug Test in 2020

Though medical and/or recreational marijuana is now legal in many states throughout the U.S., the use of marijuana is still frowned on by many companies. Even if you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, you may still face a mandatory drug test.

If marijuana is part of your lifestyle, this could mean big problems. Marijuana can stay in your bloodstream and be detectable in urine tests for up to three months after it has been used. That means you can’t simply stop using it a day or two before your test and still pass it. 

How Long is Marijuana in your system?

Do you have to take an unsupervised or supervised drug test and don't have enough time to detox? Are you wondering how you can pass it without seriously complicating your chosen lifestyle? There are a number of different drug test kits and drug test solutions available on the market today. While drug test kits can help alert you to the fact that you won’t pass a mandatory drug test, they won’t help you when it comes to passing.

Drug test solutions such as detoxes need days sometimes even weeks to work and can even be dangerous if not used accurately. In almost all cases, the best way to pass a urine test is to use high-quality synthetic urine that is available from reputable sources on the internet. Synthetic urine such as that sold in the Whizz Kit and the Whizzinator Touch kits is nearly indistinguishable from your real urine. It has the same pH, same chemical makeup, and can be warmed to the right temperature with the included heating pads. 

Interested in learning more about how you can pass a supervised drug test in 2020 with synthetic urine? Here’s what you need to know. 

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How to pass a monitored drug test: Female

Female Whizzinator

There are two different types of drug tests that you might encounter: one that is monitored – or supervised – and one that is not. For unmonitored drug tests, it’s usually easy enough to hide your synthetic urine under your clothing or in a handbag and simply pour it into the collection container in the stall of the bathroom. A monitored drug test poses more problems.

For females, passing a monitored drug test is a little easier than it is for males. You can buy a synthetic urine kit like the Whizz Kit and tape the bag of urine to your upper thigh or lower abdomen and make sure the dispensing tube hangs in approximately the same area where you would naturally urinate from.

When you’re ready to fill the collection cup, you simply unclamp the tube and let the synthetic urine flow from it and into the cup. Even if someone is watching you, they should not be able to tell that the urine is not your own. While you may need to practice a few times prior to your monitored drug test to make sure you have the process down, you should be able to pass the test with the proper kit. 

How to pass a monitored drug test: Male 

The Whizzinator Touch
The Whizzinator Touch

Males have a more difficult time when it comes to passing monitored drug tests. Fortunately, there are synthetic urine kits such as the Whizzinator Touch that can still get the job done. The Whizzinator Touch offers all the same benefits as the Whizz Kit including high-quality synthetic urine, heating pads, and a cleaning solution.

However, it also has the added equipment of a prosthetic penis available in a variety of colors to match your skin tone. The synthetic urine is directed into the prosthetic through the provided tube and is dispensed through the tip of the prosthetic at a single touch. When used correctly, even the most observant test monitor will not be able to tell that you are not actually peeing into the collection cup. 

How long does it take to pass a drug test?

Man Looking at Clock

Those who are scheduled for a monitored drug test often wonder how long it will take before they know they’ve passed. In most cases, taking the actual drug test is just a matter of minutes depending on how many people are scheduled to take the test.

However, the results of the test can take some time depending on which lab the company sends the urine too. You should know if you pass your supervised drug test with synthetic urine it can take anywhere from 72 hours to ten days to receive your results. If you happen to work for a company with an in-house lab, you may get results a bit sooner. 

If you are scheduled for a female supervised drug test or a male supervised drug test, try not to worry. You can still pass it with high-quality synthetic urine and kits such as the Whizz Kit and the Whizzinator Touch while still enjoying your chosen lifestyle. 

The Whizzinator and Other Synthetic Urine Uses

ALS- Whizzinator

The Whizzinator was first introduced as a product to help people pass drug tests due to law reforms it is now advertised as a novelty item. Their website states, "The Whizzinator Touch is a synthetic urine device that is often used to simulate wet sex, have fun with for pranks, costumes and dress-up, and many other private uses that people all across the world use daily."

Even though the Whizzinator is advertised as a novelty product research has shown that the Whizzinator continues to have numerous success stories helping people pass drug tests. It is important to note synthetic urine is not only produced to pass drug tests it is also used in educational environments, to cater to sexual fetishes and in a multitude of other areas. 

**ALS does not promote or endorse their products for drug testing purposes, follow all state and federal laws when using ALS products. They're intended as novelty items.

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