High fashion getting higher? Using cannabis in clothing designs

By Kaitlyn M.


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Lately, high fashion has been realizing that incorporating cannabis themes into their collections speaks to a lot of different types people as well as generations. Since the first 2012 ballot initiatives in to legalize marijuana, everyone has been jumping on this awesome bandwagon to get more attention that cannabis is here, and that’s a good thing. Leading women in the music industry such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have made this even more possible. Since then, high fashion has stepped up their game with a “higher” calling if you will. So, let’s jump right in and take a look at what is happening in high fashion.  


Alexander Wang Clothing Line

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Alexander Wang, a 33-year-old fashion designer from California, has been a leader in the fashion industry for years. His bold and edgy prints always surprise everyone, as well as make them want more. The past few seasons, Alexander Wang has come out with cannabis inspired prints to wow the runway and make his stance on legalization known. The common thing with all of his pieces shown above? The cannabis leaf design is bold and extremely noticeable. Mixing in the leaves into a casual outfit like the middle look with ripped shorts looks cool. While the look on the far left is more of a nighttime look, yet the leaves fit in wonderfully. Alexander Wang stated he took inspiration for these looks from “French chic, and rock grunge — always finished with a slouchy rolled-out-of-bed edge”. All of these attributes perfectly describe what these pieces represent. 


Aroma Concealing Handbags 


Handbags will always be present in every culture. Yet there has never been that much for the cannabis culture in the handbag industry, until now. Designers have come up with aroma concealing handbags to keep the aroma of cannabis from escaping the bag. This interesting craze has recently hit fashion. The main contender in this category is Annabis Style. Jeanine Moss, a marketing communications executive from California created the brand when she saw a need for women to conceal the aroma of their marijuana. Enjoy the Journey is their motto. They believe “AnnaBís helps women feel stylish, free and secure when carrying their cannabis”. Crafted with aroma bloc technology and air tight zipper pockets to keep the scent inside, while having a stylish design on the outside. One of their most popular bags is shown to the right. The Lady G Black Quilted bag is described as “cool crossbody that becomes a waist bag with an easy clip on the strap".  



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Most of the shoes that incorporate cannabis designs are sneakers. Some have simple, understated designs while others are bold and in your face. Vans came out with the  Vulcanized 106 “Hemp Pack”. These sneakers have the Rastafarian colors at the bottom and have an upper completely made out of hemp.  


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As we go down the list of shoes, the designs start to get bolder. Like these from Diamond Supply Company known as the Curren$y sneaker. These shoes are covered in cannabis leaves for you to make a statement.  

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Nike actually has multiple sneakers that revolve around a cannabis design. So it makes complete sense for them to want to step up their mary jane game. So, Nike and Future Kicks brought out the RAW Nike Air Force Ones. Besides having an amazing design showcasing cannabis leaves in all their glory, it also has a lighter at the back of the shoe.  



Jewelry has also stepped up their game when it comes to cannabis styled earrings, necklaces, and rings. Brands have incorporated symbolic designs with dainty and elegant pieces. 

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Jacquie Aiche created these Sweet Leaf Hoops. These beautiful hoops come in 14 Karat, Rose, Yellow, or White Gold. They are 3” in diameter which makes them super simple, lightweight, while still having a bold statement. 


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To the right, is the White Widow Ring by Runa. It is made with 9 karat gold. This ring makes the perfect statement piece for any outfit. From going out on the town to just chilling at home.  


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High fashion has certainly gotten more mainstream to fit in modern day society. And the modern men and women of this age hold a “high” respect for cannabis and all it stands for. If you are trying to make a bold statement to all around you or even just that you enjoy the leafy pattern, these pieces have a beautiful meaning. The cannabis leaf can really mean whatever you choose it to. It can be a symbol of your independence, happiness, or your want to legalize a plant to help many people across the world.                         

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