Hempsy CBD Gummy, Pet Wafers, and Lip Balm Reviews

By Caleb C.
Hempsy is a leading CBD provider that specializes in therapeutic CBD products to manage hard to solve problems such as chronic pain or arthritis symptoms. Check out our reviews on Hempsy’s CBD Gummy Rings, Hempsy’s CBD Pet Treats, and Hempsy’s CBD Lip Balm to discover why Hempsy comes so highly recommended.

Hempsy CBD Gummy, Pet Wafers, and Lip Balm Reviews

Hempsy sent over its Acai Blueberry CBD Gummy Rings, CBD Lip Balm, and Peanut Butter flavored CBD Pet Treats. We have previously reviewed Hempsy’s Unflavored CBD Drops, CBD Frost Rub, and Peach Hibiscus CBD Bath Salts, as well.

Hempsy Company Description

Headquartered in Round Rock, TX, Hempsy CBD has been providing top-quality CBD products since 2017. Hempsy CBD is rightfully known for its wide range of CBD based products. Hempsy provides a variety of products including edibles and topicals and even bath salts and lip balms.

Hempsy CBD

Hempsy’s targets its customer’s wellbeing and can be used for its pain management properties as well as its relaxing effects. The calming effects of CBD have been put to good use throughout Hempsy’s external body products. Hempsy CBD has a clear focus on having a positive effect and caring for its customer’s wellness.

Hempsy CBD Peanut Butter Pet Wafers Reviews

Hempsy Pet CBD Wafers

The Hempsy CBD Peanut Butter Pet Wafers come in a large white and resealable bag with green and peanut-butter-tan borders. Unlike other Hempsy package designs, the CBD Pet Wafers come with a small viewing window on the bottom right that lets you view the pet wafers before opening the bag. The large bag contains thirty CBD pet treats total with each treat containing 3.33mg of CBD. Pets, on average, weigh significantly less than humans and that is why the CBD dosage is lower. 

Pet CBD Wafers Ingredients

When you open the bag, your nose will perk up the same as your pet’s. I’ve found pet treats usually smell like the hyper-dehydrated version of whatever flavor is written on the bag but these pet wafers smelled way more appetizing than normal. If they were offered to me in a holiday cookie tin, I’d undoubtedly eat it.

With the permission of my friend, I gave one CBD Pet Wafer to my friend’s ten-year-old dog before we hung out for the day. Around two hours later, I noticed that the dog walked longer than normal before asking to be carried - something he hadn’t been able to do since his joints had started becoming inflamed. These treats seemed to have had a positive impact on my friend's older dog and he enjoyed the taste, as he ate it quickly. 

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Hempsy CBD Blueberry Acai Gummy Rings Reviews

Hempsy CBD Gummy Rings

The Hempsy CBD Gummy Rings come in a resealable white bag with blue and green borders. The Hempsy logo and flower are featured in green and red. I like how the colors on each Hempsy CBD product are consistent - it is just another example of the level of attention to detail. The Blueberry Acai taste is made with both natural and artificial flavors and the bag comes with 10 gummies at 10mg of CBD each, adding up to the bag total of 100mg of CBD.

CBD Gummy Rings Ingredients

The first thing I noticed when opening the Hempsy CBD Gummy Rings was the ease of opening using my fingers and not needing a knife or scissors. The second thing that I noticed was the pleasant fruity smell of the Blueberry Acai CBD Gummy Rings. I had just finished a long hike and was looking forward to winding down and relaxing so I ate a single 10mg gummy. The Blueberry Acai flavor tasted more natural than artificial to me.

You’ll find the flavor almost exactly reminiscent of a good Acai bowl - because most of them are mixed with blueberry, as well. The consistent effects of the CBD were in full swing an hour after eating the CBD gummy ring. To round out the day, I ate another one several hours later, and a final one before going to sleep. I woke up the next day with a relaxed body even after my strenuous hike the day before.

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Hempsy CBD Lip Balm Reviews

Hempsy CBD Lip Balm

The Hempsy CBD Lip Balm comes in a standard white chapstick container with the Hempsy logo emblazoned in blue, with their iconic geometric flower outline in green. The Hempsy logo is flanked by two images of juicy blackberries to help denote the Acai Blackberry flavor. Simply screw up at the bottom to expose the lip balm. The CBD Lip Balm is made from shea butter, vitamin E, Aloe, beeswax and contains 10mg of CBD.

Once used, the CBD Lip Balm was perfectly moist and made my lips feel better instantly. I am not a regular chapstick user as I’ve found the best way to avoid chapped lips is to stay hydrated. However, I have long been looking for a CBD chapstick to use when my lips get chapped and are in need of instant relief and short to mid-term healing potential. Hempsy’s CBD Lip Balm has a wonderful consistency because of the shea butter and beeswax and fits the bill perfectly.

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Hempsy’s CBD products are made from consistent CBD so they provide the same wellness properties time and time again. Whether you want to eat the CBD in the form of fruity gummy rings, or you want to apply it directly to your lips like a balm, or your pet requires some CBD, Hempsy has a product you’re looking for.

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