Hempsy CBD Drops and CBD Frost Rub Reviews

By Caleb C.
Hempsy is a leading provider of therapeutic CBD products for everything from pain management to managing arthritic symptoms. Read our reviews on Hempsy’s Unflavored CBD drops, Hempsy’s CBD bath salts, and Hempsy’s CBD rub and see why Hempsy products are right for you.

Hempsy CBD Drops and CBD Frost Rub Reviews

Hempsy provides a wide range of CBD products including gummy rings, capsules, lip balm, and even pet drops. Hempsy sent over their Unflavored CBD Drops, their popular CBD Frost Rub, and their Peach Hibiscus CBD Bath Salts for me to try.

About Hempsy CBD

Hempsy was founded in 2017 in Round Rock, TX and has been providing high-quality CBD products since then. Hempsy is very proud of its CBD products, and it should be. The pros of CBD for wellness uses is its purity and consistency. In fact, it’s the only consistent product in the hemp industry.

Some of Hempsy’s targets are pharmacies and pain management clinics because they believe they can affect the most change in wellness environments. Hempsy’s representatives have emphasized that Hempsy takes this approach because they would like trained medical professionals giving out Hempsy CBD products alongside qualified medical advice on what to expect and how to dose CBD. Hempsy products can also be used in other wellness scenes like coffee shops and home wellness.

Hempsy Unflavored CBD Drops Review

Hempsy CBD Drops

Hempsy’s Unflavored CBD Drops are made with organic and Non-GMO coconut oil that is liquid at room temperature. They are very popular and are Hempsy’s #1 bestseller. The CBD drops come in a white wrapped glass bottle with dropper. The dropper lid features a wood design while the important information is immediately noticeable in yellow and green: Unflavored, 1000mg.

The Hempsy CBD drops are available in multiple strength options up to 1500mg and the unflavored flavor means you can add that to some drank without messing with the taste. Because Hempsy uses a more refined oil to make its extract, its CBD oil won’t carry over any plant matter or chlorophyll. This results in a truly unflavored flavor.

The dropper is even marked so you can get better dosages. Full dropper = 33mg. I added a half dropper to my tea and gave it a long sip. The Jasmine flavor of the tea was completely untouched. Not a hint of sweetness, plant matter, or different consistency liquid could be felt at all. I was so impressed that I took a quarter dropper to the face just to admire the (lack of) taste.

When Hempsy says the flavor is unflavored, they mean it. There isn’t any taste of coconut oil or cannabis in the product. Within thirty minutes, or about how long it usually takes for the strong flavor of CBD oil to fully leave your palette, I was feeling a strong and even relaxation in my joints and muscles. I took advantage of the calm to do a long stretching session, punctuated with the rest of the tea and felt so ready for my day.

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Our Hempsy CBD Frost Rub Review

Hempsy CBD Frost Rub

The Hempsy CBD Frost Rub is the 2nd best seller behind the Unflavored CBD drops. The Frost Rub was specifically made to help with arthritis type symptoms such as acute muscle and joint pain. The CBD Frost Rub comes in a white tube featuring cannabis leaf-like snowflakes as a representation of the rub’s active ingredients: menthol and CBD. The cap of the white tube also features a wooden design which adds to the clean look of the entire product.

I used it on my lower back after a long day sitting in an uncomfortable chair on an uneven plane and was thoroughly impressed with both the short and long term effects. The cooling feeling addressed my pain and inflammation immediately after application and by the time that feeling had worn off, the CBD was already causing inflammation and pain in the area to stay dissipated. It felt like IcyHot except the “hot” part was drastically improved to provide all the relief without any of the heat.

One thing I found that sets apart the Hempsy Frost Rub from competing menthol rubs - both CBD infused and not - is that Hempsy’s rub doesn’t leave a large swath of oily residue in its wake. This is something I’m very appreciative of. Sometimes, when you’re putting on a rub in a location that requires you to disrobe to access, you’re often faced with having to put the clothes back on over a puddle of grease and wasting the product by having it absorb into the clothes or staying naked. This is something that absorbs quickly, and without a mess - making it perfect to keep on the go. I replaced the regular lotion in my backpack with the Hempsy Frost Rub and haven’t looked back.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Our Hempsy CBD Peach Hibiscus Bath Salt Review

Hempsy CBD Bath Salt

Hempsy’s Peach Hibiscus CBD Bath Salt comes in a peach color, blue, and white 8 oz bag. Within this bag, there are four servings of the most luxurious and relaxing bath that you, or I, have ever had. The bath salts are made with salt from the Dead Sea that has been filtered and cleaned.

I spent all day thinking about how good it would be to bathe using the Hempsy CBD Bath Salt and usually anticipation ends up ruining things, but that was not the case here. As soon as I opened the bag, I could smell the delicious peach and hibiscus scents. Once I added 2oz of the CBD bath salts to the hot bath, the smell filled the entire room. I soaked for a full thirty minutes - well into the prune zone - because I didn’t want to waste any of the precious CBD. 

My muscles felt so relaxed after I took the bath - it was like I had taken the Frost Rub and evenly applied it over my entire body. CBD does not cause drowsiness but many users report that the combination of physical and mental stress relief makes falling asleep easier and the resulting sleep that much more restful. I can’t think of a more relaxing way to end the day than with a CBD bath salt infused bath. However, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have the time to spend to draw up a bath - the CBD bath salts can also be improvised with and used as a foot scrub. The back of the bag has instructions for how to use it as a scrub, too!

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Hempsy CBD Products

Hempsy’s CBD products are made from CBD isolate and carry the same medicinal punch each and every time. Whether you want to absorb the CBD through the use of CBD bath salts, CBD drops, or a CBD rub, Hempsy has a high quality and consistent product for you.

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