Guide to Weighing Marijuana | Grams, Quarters, and Ounces

By Anita L.
With the rise of cannabis legalization, many people are becoming more comfortable and open to cannabis. Learning the basics of marijuana weight range is a step many cannabis users must first take.

Just like when Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realized she wasn’t in Kansas anymore, is precisely how I felt making my first order of cannabis. I was in a whole new world with a new language, techniques, etc. I was instantly overwhelmed.  

Cannabis weight is essential to learn when dealing with marijuana. To understand and know about cannabis you must become fluent in marijuana weight.

Now don’t get discouraged. Over time calculating the weight needed will be second nature.

First things first, you need a digital scale, “eyeballing” the weight of cannabis is not always accurate. Don’t get me wrong I have met some old timers that were honest and accurate once I physically weighed it. However, I wouldn’t trust this method continuously. Strain density tends to vary, it is broad in range.

Let's begin with each definition and their weight from smallest to heaviest.


Gram (1.0)

A gram of weed is literally A GRAM on the scale. It is technically the smallest portion of marijuana that you can buy in a dispensary.  I will tend to buy a gram if I am trying something new, special or if I am just buying for right now. It isn’t cost effective for regular smokers but could be suitable for a beginner.

EIGHTH (3.5-4.0 Grams)

An “eighth” usually consists of 3.5 to 4.0 grams.( If you are lucky you may get a little bit over.) They call it this because it is 1/8th of an Ounce. An eighth is suitable for an every now and again smoker. Think of the eighth like the foundation of a house as it is the foundation of weight. Let me explain in the Quarter.

Quarter (7.0-8.5 Grams)

A quarter is defined by being a quarter of an ounce. Two-eighths make up a quarter meaning if you add up the numeric value of two eighth it will be equal to the range given above. A quarter is a right amount of a beginner smoker. Buying in bulk is an excellent way to cut cost if you are going to be having regular sessions. A beginner could probably ration this for a good few weeks depending on the smoking session.

HALF (14.0-15.0 Grams)

A half defined as half of an ounce.  This is 2 quarters which means it is also 4 eighths. You see how everything goes back to the eighth and the gram?!  This is a right amount of cannabis for any social smoker or daily smoker.

OUNCE (28.34 Grams)

Four Finger Lid! An ounce! You made it! So this is 2 Halves, 4 quarters, and 8 eighths. This is a right amount for medicinal patients and heavy smokers. It could also be a good purchase if you find a strain you love because usually the more in bulk you buy, the cheaper per gram you will pay. It is one of the benefits of buying an ounce worth. I have even mixed and matched strains like a half indica and the other half sativa.

Pound (453.592 Grams)

Now, this is a whole lot of weed! Which I am sure if you are on Cheech and Chong level this is your supply, but this is not for the average joe. You must research how to store it if you are just trying to buy in bulk. I am sure you would be getting an excellent deal per gram, however, the upfront would be somewhat costly.

So there you have the necessary definitions and value for marijuana weight which is the form that most despenseries use.


Yes, marijuana weight range can vary.  An eighth can very well look like 4.3 grams, not 3.5. This could be because they would round up since an ounce is 28.3495 grams. Some dispensaries might even give extra as loyalty points.

I am sure you may also come across people who will sell you $5 (nickel), $10 (dime) or $20 (dub) worth of cannabis instead of selling it per gram. This use to be a standard way to buy marijuana. As I mentioned "Four Finger Lid" in the definition of the ounce above. References measuring with your fingers horizontally against a sandwich ziplock bag. Four fingers measure out an ounce.

But as the market continues to evolve these techniques become more and more obsolete because there needed to be a more uniform way to order.

Don’t be shy to ask questions! It is your money spending, and you need to feel comfortable with what you are spending. There is no better learning than hands-on, be honest with your budtenders and you will be amazed.

About the author: Anita L.

Anita- Holistic -loving, Aquarius. Born and raised in the heart of CA.
Hobby: Learning to live a fearless life!