Getting High on Weed Coffee?

By Kaitlyn M.
A look at an interesting new product sweeping the nation.

Every industry is trying to make a profit off of the legalized marijuana game. We have seen weed beer, and now there is an infusion that might get you buzzing. I'm talking about weed-infused coffee.

One thing that people know about me is that I have a major coffee addiction. I know this is true for many people as we fight the infinite tiredness that is adulthood and struggle throughout the day. That cup of deliciousness makes us smile- but what if it could make you smile longer and feel even better?

What Is Happening?

There is a factory in Las Vegas that is infusing coffee with cannabis much to America’s delight. We love caffeine and weed, so this seems like the perfect combination. The company's name is Brew Budz and their creation is a mixture of coffee, cocoa, and teas infused with cannabis oil all packed into a K-cup.


While many people are hoping this product will be available in stores, unfortunately, it won't. Obviously, weed is only legal in 29 states currently. For this reason, Brew Budz and other companies who sell like-minded products are only available in the areas of the U.S. that marijuana is legalized.

Why People Are Creating These Products

Some people are still leery of using cannabis in the “open” or in front of people who disapprove of it. That is why CEO of Ganja Grinds Chris Haze says that weed-infused coffee is so great. "When you put the product into things they are familiar with, you remove the smell, you remove the visual representation of cannabis, it takes a lot of fear out of using a cannabis product."

Not everyone is looking for these types of products for the high though. Some are looking for pain relief. People are saying that It gives them focus when they attempt to sleep, and helps them to settle their mind and relax their body.

While this is all exciting there is a slight downfall- the price tag. Brew Budz's k-cups will set you back $7 per a piece. Now that might not sound like much, but for avid coffee/cannabis consumers, this price could really gouge their wallets.

However, if drinking cannabis-infused coffee floats your boat I say give it a try. The world and industries are constantly evolving to provide us with innovative products. Sometimes if they are good enough, they can changes lives.

Now I'm not saying “Go try this, it will change your entire life!”, because I don’t know what will do that for you personally. But trying new things is the spice of life and you only live once. What I do know though, is that eventually, this product will become available everywhere once legalization spreads to every state.

Who knows, when legalization happens everywhere products like this could hit Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts! Cannabis Carmel Macchiato anyone?

Anyways, once that happens, I will have to try this cannabis-infused coffee and I'm sure I am not alone in that I want in on the cannabis coffee trend.


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About the author: Kaitlyn M.

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