gas reaper genetics logo is one of the top online brokers of high-quality souvenir genetics. If you’re looking for premium strains from the best breeders in the industry, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer.

As part of their company philosophy, SHN believes in adhering to the highest breeding standards, promoting trait stabilization for guaranteed product quality, and prioritizing excellent customer service. You’ll find that these core values are reflected in the breeders with whom they choose to partner with⁠⁠⁠⁠—like their newest breeder, Gas Reaper Genetics.

Elite Autoflower Genetics

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Gas Reaper Genetics specializes in elite autoflower genetics and is committed to offering the most reliable, high-quality cannabis strains in the US. Owner Chris B. takes pride in his meticulous growing process, which has resulted in the purest genetics and the most potent strains.

While Ohio only legalized medical marijuana use a few years ago, Chris has been breeding autoflowers for over a decade. But what made him focus his attention on autoflowers over photoperiodic plants? “I live in a cold climate, so we don’t have a long [growing] season here,” he explains. “[Because of that], a lot of the [photoperiodic] plants would be [riddled] with mold and have a lot of issues by the time harvest would come around.”

Unlike photoperiodic plants, autoflowers are not dependent on sunlight to grow. These plants have been bred to flower automatically (hence the name) upon reaching a certain age or size. This makes it possible to produce reliable crops every time, regardless of the season. 

“When autoflowers first came out, it was an awesome idea to everybody,” Chris recalls. But he saw that there was a lot to improve on⁠—particularly on the quality of strains available. “They were really lackluster, to say the least. [They] just didn’t have any type of potency or anything like that… and I feel like we’re just now getting to that stage where we have some stuff that people are really starting to appreciate.”

chemmo cannabis strain from gas reaper genetics
Instagram: @GasReaperGenetics

The market is indeed growing further across the country. Still, Chris is not in a rush to scale up production⁠—particularly if it means sacrificing quality. He maintains his goal to advance the progress of autoflower genetics, which involves putting even more patience and effort into his craft.

Commitment to Quality

“When you’re creating a new autoflower strain, it takes at least four generations before you have 100% autoflower plants that are stable… and then probably another three to four generations before they start to [become] uniform and produce reliable, quality genetics,” Chris explains. 

This clear dedication to quality is what sets Gas Reaper Genetics apart from other autoflower breeders⁠—that and his incredible patience when it comes to getting his strains up to his standards. “I feel like a lot of other breeders are pushing strains to the market that aren’t necessarily to where they need to be, quality-wise,” Chris says. Not one to take shortcuts, he puts a lot of time and effort into each specific strain and allows them to take their sweet time so they’re not pushed to the market before they’re ready. 

Lifelong Dream

Unlike many professionals in the cannabis industry, Chris didn’t start his business out of a penchant for smoking his own crops. “Getting into the gardening thing has been a lifelong dream for me,” he shares.

autoflower cannabis plants
Instagram: @GasReaperGenetics

He dates his exposure to gardening back to his childhood, recalling, “I grew up on a giant cattle farm, and my grandparents always [had] a garden… I’ve always been around [a] garden, and it just goes back to that. And I finally put it with something that I love.”

In fact, he loves spending time with the plants so much that he calls his garden his “happy place.”

“I don’t know exactly how to describe that feeling,” Chris shares. “It’s almost [a] zen-like feeling being in the garden, and just playing god, and creating new strains of amazing cannabis.”

Artful Beginnings

Chris was a professional, award-winning tattoo artist long before he got into breeding. “I’ve been tattooing for about 17 years, and I’ve tattooed in the Northeast Ohio area.”

Instagram: @GasReaper

When asked how he came up with the name Gas Reaper Genetics, Chris cites some conversations he’s had as a tattoo artist: “A lot of people get goofy-ass tattoos these days, and we’re like, in the tattoo shop, ‘You should just get a f**king flying reaper on a rocket ship or something from outer space.’ So we just came up with a fun name.”

He adds, “I like the gassy Chem strains more than anything, and that’s kind of what I focused [on]. Pretty much everything that I’m growing is based [on] a Chem Diesel or something like that, so I had to throw the [word] ‘gas’ in it.”

Chris reveals that he also drew his logo and even did some commissioned artwork for “I drew a sticker for [SHN],” he shares. “[I also drew] their 10th-anniversary logo. I do a couple of things like that here and there.”

DeezRuntz & BessieCake

Right now, Gas Reaper Genetics’s two most popular strains are DeezRuntz and BessieCake. “One is a cross of White Runtz crossed with South Bay Bessie, and the Bessie Cake is a cross of Seed Junky’s Wedding Cake with my South Bay Bessie,” he explained.

South Bay Bessie: The Flagship Strain

South Bay Bessie is Gas Reaper Genetics’s flagship strain, which did very well when it first came out late last year. And fun fact: the name is based on Bessie, the mythical lake monster from Lake Erie. Being from Ohio, Chris likes to use Cleveland- and Detroit-based strain names.

“The South Bay Bessie auto is 91 Chem #12 crossed with Chem de la Chem from Mephisto Genetics. And then that was crossed with the original Columbus Death Star cut to a Chem de la Chem, and that’s the parent for the first release.”

Aside from Bessie Cake and DeezRuntz, you’ll also find his popular LemonStar and ChemMO strains on, along with his favorite creation, which is called the Scarlet Sunset. “It’s a cross of my Erie Sunset, which is a Sunset Sherbet crossed with Chem of My Heart. And it’s [crossed with] In House Genetics’s Black Cherry Punch⁠,” Chris explains. 

“It’s an [absolutely] amazing plant.”

Scarlet Sunset cannabis autoflower strain
Scarlet Sunset

Always a New Challenge

Out of the many breeders in the country, what ought to make Gas Reaper Genetics stand out (and thrive!) is Chris’s personal beliefs and motivations for the company. 

“I guess my whole breeding philosophy is just to keep putting out new strains that will keep up and compete with the new photo strains… because it just seems like it’s an ever-evolving industry,” he says. “It’s so hard to keep up with and bring [out] stuff that people are going to want and to come up with something new. It’s always a new challenge.”

When asked about what makes it difficult to be a breeder in this industry, Chris says he finds it hard “juggling 20 different aspects of the industry at one time.” He adds, “And not really being familiar with all the technology.”

Chris also cites his struggles when it comes to networking and making new contacts. “I’ve never really been very social,” he shares. “In my area, the laws are just now getting to the point where we can have businesses like this. So I don’t have a lot of friends in the industry as of yet, so that’s always been the challenge. [I’m] trying to keep it on the down-low and successful at the same time.”

And for other hopeful breeders, he encourages, “Don’t think that it’s too late, because it’s not too late⁠. It’s never too late. Anybody can get into it. You just have to grind and have some drive.”

Partnering with

“My proudest moment was when I opened [the] email from JC [of], and he’s like, ‘Contact me.’ They wanted to carry my gear, and that was… an enlightening moment for me,” Chris recalls.

Despite being a relatively new partnership, the Gas Reaper Genetics owner raves about his experience with SHN. “By far, those guys have been the most professional people that I’ve dealt with in this industry⁠—hands down. I can’t even say that enough.”

He adds, “They’re not only a great business, but I’ve become personal friends with JC and… James Bean. Their whole crew just seems like a family-run, family-oriented business, and I would recommend anybody to those guys. [They] are super awesome people.”

He also reveals that he’s since started recommending to everyone. “I just know they’re going to get good service,” he says. 

Chris continues, “I wanna make sure that the consumer is protected. There are so many online scams… [and] that’s why I don’t sell direct.” He adds, “All my seeds sales are only through the seed banks⁠—mainly [SHN].”

The Ohio native also explains that, while his expertise lies in gardening and producing amazing new strains, he doesn’t have the same penchant for selling. “I don’t want to get caught up and miss an order or something like that. I just leave [the selling] to the guys who do it well.”

Modern Day Renaissance Man

Although Chris had to take an inevitable hiatus from tattooing due to the pandemic, he’s optimistic. “We’re getting ready to go back to the conventions, so people will be able to find me tattooing at some of the local conventions around Ohio, Pennsylvania, in that area.”

Fortunately, aside from focusing on Gas Reaper Genetics, he also has other (related) hobbies that take up his time⁠—like glass blowing. Chris crafts beautiful, highly intricate glass pipes that are so beautiful, you would probably just end up displaying them in your home rather than using them for your smoke sessions.

“I also blow glass. [On my Instagram], @GasReaper, you can see a couple of my tattoos and I have a couple of pieces of glass that I made. I’m a multimedia artist, I do all kinds of stuff.”

glass pipe
Gas Reaper’s Instagram

What’s Next for Gas Reaper Genetics at

There’s a brand new drop live now on, so we recommend that you check that out.

But there’s more exciting news:

“There will be two new special strains released on 420, with one being an exclusive to []. It’s only available there, so everybody should keep their eyes peeled for those special drops,” Chris reveals. “There will be a bunch of limited drops that will probably be limited to about a hundred packs, so those sell out fast.”

To stay updated on Gas Reaper Genetics, you can find them on CannaBuzz. You can also visit their Instagram pages⁠—@GasReaperGenetics for Chris’ stunning cannabis breeds and @GasReaper for his glass-blowing creations.

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  1. I can totally appreciate the philosophy behind what motivates Chris…gas reaper,and after reading his interview I placed an order with SHN which I have had only 5 star excellent service from. I wish him good karma and success. btw Chris,not everyone likes the chem. thing so remember variaty is key.

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