Freeze Hand Pipe Review

By W. Kearns
The Freeze Hand Pipe offers a sealed glass section containing various combinations of glycerin chambers. When frozen the glycerin chambers, and the coils winding through them, cool the smoke passing through the coils of up to 300 degrees.

About Freeze Pipes

Freeze is a small US-based company whose product line consists of a wide selection of unique freezable smoking accessories. The entire Freeze line-up of pipes, bongs, and bubblers share the same unique feature that the company derives its name from, a sealed glass section containing various combinations of glycerin chambers.


When frozen the glycerin chambers, and the coils winding through them, cool the smoke passing through the coils by up to 300 degrees. Glycerin offers unique properties making it a better choice than water in this case. The most notable and useful information to consumers is that glycerin freezes faster and will stay frozen longer than water. Also, glycerin does not follow the same expansion and contraction properties as water, so there is no fear of glass breakage when freezing.

The Freeze Hand Pipe Review


I live in the American Southwest, and temperatures regularly exceed 105°F in the summer, limiting outdoor activities to the cooler morning hours or late evenings. One of my favorites is sitting on my back porch, taking in the fresh morning air, drinking coffee, and having an excellent smoke session before the world starts moving. In the summer, even when its "cool" these smoke sessions become more and more infrequent until the mercury begins its inevitable, yet slow decline back to more normal human habitable temperatures. It's these reasons, and more, I was so excited to receive the Freeze hand pipe.

The Freeze Hand Pipe comes in sleek, no-nonsense black packaging imprinted with the company logo. The hand pipe is packed well in precut foam along with the removable honeycomb bowl. The pipe is significant in the hands measuring 8" by 1.5". Those with small hands shouldn't worry, though, as the hand pipe is well balanced and easy to handle.


You'll immediately notice the quality of this pipe in your hands; The glass is thick and sturdy, the glycerin adds a bit of heft to the device, which I appreciate. The bowl chamber, roughly the size of a ping pong ball, fits perfectly in hand. Additionally, the large chamber features a flat bottom that serves to prevent to pipe from rolling when seated on a flat surface. The glycerin is well sealed into the central portion of the pipe in a way that would never allow for leakage unless the unit was destroyed. The honeycomb bowl is enormous, and not only is it perfect for packing large bowls but provides easy access for cleaning. Something this "clean freak" smoker appreciates very much.

I started my first freeze session with a large bowl of classic GG4, one of my favorites for testing new devices as I know this flower well. The Freeze delivers on its promise of cooling smoke so well even seasoned smokers will be hard-pressed to notice the pull at all. My first hit was too massive, and I was utterly blown away by how hard I was able to hit it. I was delighted to find that the flavor profile was robust and not the typical burnt flower taste. It was damn good. Using a wick here will help and is how I initially tested the unit, but I also tested using a standard lighter. While some flower flavors were lost as is typical with liquid fuel, I still noticed a lighter, more pleasing taste than other hand pipes. Because the bowl chamber is so large a bit of smoke is retained even after clearing via built-in carb release, I found that I needed to pull the bowl ever so slightly to entirely clear it.


True to the marketing, the glycerin stays cold for a reasonable amount of time, much longer than the ice. Even in the ridiculous Southwest heat, the Freeze stayed icy for a full smoke session. Sadly with the current state of the world, my sessions were limited to solo events, but I am so excited to try this with a group. The Freeze hand pipe is a joy to smoke out of and will be a conversation starter for sure.

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

I have never been an enormous hand pipe fan, and it is precisely the problems that the Freeze solves that steer me away. That will no longer be the case, the Freeze will be staying in my rotation going forward. The design is beautiful and exceptionally well thought out. I just love the addition of the snowflake logo on the front of the pipe. If you are in the market for a hand pipe or are just looking for something new and unique to add to your collection, I do not think you'll be disappointed by adding the Freeze hand pipe.

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