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ABOUT Hakuna Supply

Hakuna Supply is a smoking accessories company based in Westlake Village, California. They have been in the industry providing CBD products and accessories since 2016 and recently dropped the “CBD” from their company name and website URL as a way to signify an opening to the wider cannabis industry.


Hakuna Supply is committed to charity and sustainability. To further that goal, they even have a Hakuna Supply Hemp cafe that serves sustainable, vegan food and even gives out sustainable utensils. A portion of Hakuna Supply’s profits goes towards charity, and they have partnered with One Tree Planted, and with every stash box purchased, you can fill out a form, and they will plant a tree at a location of your choosing.

Hakuna Supply prides itself on offering buyers a problem-free philosophy that includes free shipping on all orders over $35 as well as no questions asked for returns or exchanges. It also means that when you have a question, Hakuna Supply is there to help you answer it via their toll-free line or their live chat.

Hakuna Supply sent over their Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box for me to review, and as soon as I received the box, I knew I was in for a treat.

Hakuna Supply Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box Review

Hakuna Supply Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box Review

The Hakuna Supply Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box comes unlocked. My particular Lock Box came with a Hakuna Supply grinder, an eighth of Hakuna Supply boutique hemp in the Hobart Haze strain stashed away in a bamboo stash jar, as well as an additional bamboo stash jar for you to fill with whatever you want.

Hakuna Supply Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box Review

Fingerprint-wise, the Hakuna Supply lock box actually lets you set up to 10 fingerprints to have access to the box. It also includes two keys to bypass the biometric lock in case the lock runs out of battery. The thing is, the lock box also comes with a 5000 mah battery bank which can be charged as a full backup.

The box measures 9” x 8” x 5.5” and when you open it, the first thing you’ll see is the rolling tray. Under the rolling tray, there are three compartments that make up the majority of the box. To me, one is the perfect size for fitting a grinder, another is perfect for all the flower I’d keep in the box, and another would be good for all the concentrates, or other accessories like a lighter.

They also include an empty bamboo stash jar for you to fill with your own goodies, and I was able to fit more than an eighth of flower in there. Charging and setting up the box is very easy with the provided instructions. You use the USB-C adapter to charge the lock itself and you can use a micro-USB adapter to charge the battery bank.

Hakuna Supply Legacy Series Fingerprint Lock Box Review

Once both are fully charged, you’re able to use the battery bank to charge the lock itself and both fully charged will last for many days and weeks. Alternatively, you can leave it plugged in so you don’t need to worry about the charge at all. If you for some reason want to go old school and use the key, that’s available to you as well.

Don’t let the price tag deter you, similarly-sized biometric safes for guns and other valuables are the same price but they aren’t made of wood that will help regulate your cannabis’s humidity. Those safes aren’t set up to let you charge other devices – and they definitely don’t look as cool. Hakuna offers its safes in two color options, a matte black like the look of a traditional safe or a more natural bamboo finish. Hakuna also offers some more traditional nonbiometric lock boxes as well.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Hakuna Supply’s fingerprint lock box is a much-needed entrant into the cannabis stash box line up. This stash box is perfect as a gift for someone you know, or for your own personal collection. It features the latest technologies but also has the classic look of a sturdy wooden stash box – a juxtaposition of classic and modern that will stand out to you every time you open it.

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