Feature: Who and What are Boundless Technology?

Boundless Technology

You may have seen Boundless Technology vapes around whether you live in California or other places on the planet. Boundless vapes are pretty, practical, easy to use, and affordable -- and can handle any Cannabis or cannabis product you can throw at them. (Well, you don’t really throw the cannabis, but they are easy to load.) Boundless Technology was started in Southern California with a group of friends who’d been in high school marching band together years and years ago. (Yes, those bonds are for life, people.) They were brought back together after a long hiatus by the idea that cannabis technology and vaping should be for everyone – and it shouldn’t cost a lot.

How did Boundless Technology Get Started?
The up-and-coming cannabis vape company was started in November of 2015 by Randall Elkins, who worked in the vape industry for six years prior to launching Boundless Technology. Randall’s goal was to make an herbal vaporizer brand that was the most efficient and affordable model on the market. Randall also wanted Boundless Vapes to be reliable and work as promised (as you know if you’re into vapes, sometimes they only work for a while, or you have to buy new parts frequently). Part of what makes Boundless special is that Randall and his staff are passionate about providing herbal consumers with an alternative to smoking, which is better for the body all around that straight combustion smoke. What is it like to Work at Boundless Technology? Since the company began with only two employees, it has grown in just over a year to a team of eleven people who now distribute Boundless Technology products worldwide. The ages of Boundless’ staff range from 20 years to 28 years, and the company has a three-person marketing team, a four-person sales team, a bookkeeper, one shipping manager, and the owner, Randall. The close-knit Boundless family is part of what makes Boundless an original – every member of the staff knows the other well and helps push Boundless out of the complacency trap and into the limelight.

Why is Boundless Technology the Most Honest Cannabis Vaporizer Company?
Seeking to be the most honest and transparent cannabis company on the market, Boundless is regularly involved in community forums like Facebook, Twitterreddit.com/r/vaporents, Instagram, Pinterest, and weekly YouTube live streams that allow consumers to ask questions and start conversations with the Boundless team. Why is the Company Called Boundless Technology? The name for Boundless Technology encompasses everything the Boundless team is about: expansion without bounds, quality, trust, synergy, growth, support, and friendship. Most of the Boundless team have known each other for a least ten years – and that’s saying something in the new cannabis industry. The team has only become closer since starting the Boundless Technology, and they believe that the herbal vaporizer market can be greatly improved with their high quality and reliable vapes. Everyone at Boundless believes that the secret to success and happiness in life is to never stop dreaming, conceptualizing, and innovating. In Boundless products, the desire to make the world a better place and expand the vaporizer platform to more people is obvious. Boundless makes vaporizers more affordable so the medical marijuana experience is more straightforward and enjoyable.

What are Boundless Technology’s Products?
Boundless Technology offers several different products currently, and are constantly expanding and developing new products. 
·      The Boundless Technology CF ($130) is small, portable, and discreet. It uses conduction and convection heating and comes with 5 preset temperatures to enjoy your herb. The CF heats up in 20 seconds or less. 
·      The Boundless Technology CFX ($180) is also small, portable, and discreet. It uses conduction and convection heating as well, but has single-digit temperature control from 140 degrees F to 430 degree F so you can choose the best option for you. With the same 20 seconds or less heating time plus a full 1.7” TFT screen and a tough outer case, the CFX is one of the most efficient and portable models on the market. 
·      The Boundless Technology CFV ($220) uses full convection heating and brings out the full herbal flavor of cannabis through hot air created by inhaling from the device. Interchangeable retention rings help retain chamber heat, and this process extracts the cannabinoids and terpenes most efficiently for the greatest effect.
·      The Boundless Technology CFC ($90) is Boundless’ most portable and ergonomic model and uses conduction heating (direct contact of the heating element with the cannabis). The unit reaches temperature quickly, has a long-lasting battery life, and is fastest for those pressed for time and privacy. 
·      The Boundless Technology CF 710 ($130) is only for cannabis concentrates and oils – it’s essentially an on-demand dab rig that fits in the palm of your hand. What could be better? No power cord or butane torch as a result of the internal 16500 battery, that’s what. 
·      The Boundless Technology CF Hybrid ($200) is a 2-in-1 until that includes a dry cannabis vaporizer on one side and a 510-thread 60-watt box mod on the other side (you can use this one for concentrate tanks or ejuice). A removable single 18650 LG lithium-ion rechargeable battery and the water pipe adapter is included. 
·      The Boundless Technology Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) ($20) can be used with the CF, CFX, or CFV to connect to any 14mm or 18mm water pipe. The WPA is universal, so it will work on any male or female stem connection to supply consumers with a massaive, cooled vapor hit.

What Makes Boundless Technology Vapes Different from Other Vaporizers?
Look, herbal vaporizers can be expensive – and since they’re often unreliable or don’t last very long, the expenses can grow and grow. With Boundless Technology vaporizers, cannabis consumers get a higher-quality, more reasonably-priced vaporizer, which is good for the pocketbook and good for the lungs. Anyone seeking a combustion smoke-less cannabis session will be delighted with Boundless Technology’s selections. Boundless Technology products allow more of the cannabis flavor to come through, as well, with precise temperature controls that boil terpenes and cannabinoids. This keeps tar and other chemicals from entering the lungs and damaging these fragile organs. Why Are Boundless Technology’s Vaporizers So Affordable? Boundless Technology’s excellent relationship with its manufacturer also allows an affordable products with less cost to the consumer, and with some of the fastest temperature-achieving portable vaporizers on the market, Boundless’ modern heating technology “blows the competition out of the water,” as Eric of Boundless puts it.

Where Can I Get a Boundless Vaporizer?
Boundless Vaporizers are now available across the globe in dispensaries, retail stores, and online in the following countries: the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Israel, and South Africa. You can order online at bndlestech.com. Boundless Technology Products Reviews Boundless Technology’s vaporizers have consistently gotten amazing reviews, due to their affordability, reliability, quality, and company transparency which encourages reviews and consumer conversations. The Vape Critic gave the CF and CFX a 90%, stating “It seems like Boundless came out of nowhere with these CF and CFX vaporizers but man I’m sure glad they did.” The review notes the low price point, above-average performance, ease of use, and quick vapor production. The Vape Guide gave the Boundless CFX a 9 out of 10 score, calling it a “high-end unit” at a “much lower price point.” Vape Guide noted the textured, rubbery finish on the vape that is “strangely pleasurable to feel” and the “GREAT” tasting flavor, along with the better vaping experience than any other on the market in its price range. There are many, many more positive reviews of Boundless products – why don’t you try one out yourself?