Feature: Interview with The California Weed Blog


Along this journey, Slyng has met some incredibly inspiring people and companies. We thought that it would be great to host an interview, and spread the inspiration to others that would like to be in the industry. This week we're happy to introduce our friends over at the The California Weed Blog, one of the most respected cannabis related blogs on the internet. 


1. What/Who inspired you to start the California Weed Blog?


Answer: Our team is made up of members who are and have always been passionate about the cannabis industry even before it was as open to the public as it is now. We have a strong belief that cannabis and food are the real medicines of the world. With pharmaceutical companies and doctors pushing real drugs that not only do nothing to cure a condition they create more problems and addictions than they solve. We're not hippies but our approach is very holistic and organic and we want to see the industry move in the right direction as we push for national legalization. 


2. What is/are the main goal(s) for the California Weed Blog?


Answer:  Our goal list has always been small yet mighty. 

- Increase awareness and promote the positive aspects of Marijuana and Hemp.

- Partner with companies who share our values so we can work together to help move the Industry in the right direction and remove a lot of the negativity, misunderstanding and propaganda around the consumption and use of Cannabis and Hemp.

- Connect individuals to the companies/resources they need to properly medicate and connect companies to other companies/individuals that can help them build their brand and business.


3. Who is the team behind the California Weed Blog?


Answer: We are a team of 10 with various backgrounds ranging from Cultivation/Processing, Marketing, Law, Culinary and Business.


4. Where do you want CWB to grow into in the next 5, 10 years?


Answer: We're honestly not thinking that far ahead haha we just love doing this and don't plan on stopping.


5. Any advice for people who want to get started in this business?


Answer: Figure out what aspect of the industry you want to be in and learn everything about it. If you don't know something, find someone who does and learn it. Don't be afraid to work for free if you have the opportunity to take away knowledge. Knowledge is worth more than money. 


6. What's your take on Prop 64 and how that would impact businesses in the industry?


Answer: We could talk about this for hours (and we have.....)

Our consensus is, it's not perfect but it's a step in the right direction as far as legitimizing the Industry. There's going to be some hurdles and kinks along the way and not everyone will be happy BUT this is a transition and that's how this goes. Of course we love how wide open the industry has been but for every good company there are 10 that shouldn't be in business. We are for more regulation as we feel people have a right to know where their cannabis comes from, how it was grown/produced and by whom it was made. Cannabis production like food or medication should be respected and handled with care.


Thanks to our friends over at Californiaweedblog.com once again for taking the time out and answering a few questions for us. Make sure to check them out! Hopefully, this will inspire you to create some amazing things, and continue to fight the battle!