Feature: Interview with StonerDays


We're really excited to be presenting this exclusive interview we got with the founders of StonerDays. They've amassed a great social following and are planning on getting their new merchandise and clothing line in 3,000 dispensaries in Southern California this year. With huge plans, we're excited to be working with them and letting you guys learn a little more about this amazing group of stoners. 


1.  What/Who inspired you to start StonerDays?

Our inspiration for StonerDays comes from the years of smoking in the fields as kids to the years letting our artistry pour through our finger tips. It comes from the years of concerts we've attended and it comes from years of trying to get cannabis + hemp legalized. Being a stoner to us is not a derogatory term to us. We feed off of the stoner lifestyle and choose to surround ourselves with these amazing people. Being a stoner is a culture. It's the way we dress, the music we listen to, the way we describe amazing events. It's the jewelry we wear and the beaches we go to. Our stoner clothing compliments all these points added with pounds and pounds of good vibes.


2. What is/are the main goal(s) for StonerDays?

To let our imagination pour out from our hands. To bring in Good Vibes to office daily and bring creativity to the table. To see cannabis + hemp legalized by 2020. To put stoney smiles on the many faces of stoners worldwide.


3. How does StonerDays differ than other marijuana sites? 

One can just tell the different vibe from other websites that we have. We're unique and stand alone. We love collaborating with all the other companies out there though. When we meet new people we don't want them to be a mirror portrayal of ourselves. We hope to hear new stories, see new styles and capture all the positives from every fellow stoner. Our stride everyday is to tackle new hurdles while bringing our amazing apparel to every stoner worldwide. 


4. Where do you want StonerDays to grow into in the next 5, 10 years?

By the end of this year our goal is to have our merchandise into 3,000 more dispensaries in the Southern California area. We also hope to get into another 1,000 up in the Denver, Portland & Seattle areas. We hope to get a few more states on the ballot for legalization in 2018. We also have goals of bringing in new material to print on, a material we are sure every stoner will love. We want to educate as many people as we can on the positive uses of cannabis and hemp.


5. We know you have started a merch / clothing line. What made you want to do this? What are some difficulties of starting a merch + clothing line? What are the best parts of it? 

It's our passion. The feeling we get when we put a new design out on a tee and we get to put it on. Then we get to go out and walk somewhere and attract positive responses from our work. It means a lot and every design carries us with energy into the next one. We love searching for new items and creating new items right in house. It's about doing something we love everyday and smoking kush while doing it.


6. Where do you see the weed industry in the next couple of years?

We see the weed industry continuing to move forward in the slow drag of the legalization process. We see about another dozen states making it legal for recreational use while most of the U.S. should be medicinally in that time. We hope to see more countries like Canada, Uruguay & Portugal to just completely makes this wonderful place legal again for every human to utilize. It's truly sad what our worldwide governments have done over the past 80 years over this plant. Multiple arrests of innocent civilians, forests cut down for lumber & paper all could have been prevented if cannabis + hemp was legal.


7. What has been your main motivator in keeping StonerDays up and running? 

We are our main motivators. It's us who wake up everyday and bring it to the office. It's us who communicate with each other and let that feed into our daily grind. It's us who learn and listen from the cannabis community. It's us who tell it the way it is and it's us who communicate into the late hours of the night setting up the pins to be knocked down for tomorrow. If it were not for us here at StonerDays it would simply not exist.


8. We know you have a huge Instagram and Facebook following, how has social media played apart in your success? Do you think social media has changed the game for the cannabis industry?

We don't believe social media has changed the game for the cannabis game but it has allowed people with similar interest to use as a forum for education, promotion & leisure. Social media has a tendency to show to worst of things and the best of things. The best change for the cannabis industry will be for lumber & cotton industries to make a switch to Hemp and also sitting every congressman and state official down and giving them a break down like they've never heard on the positive uses of cannabis. A change like this takes time but Cannabis should have been legalized a long time ago and it's still not. We will continue to promote cannabis through social media, video and blogs but this is a minimal outlet for the cannabis community.


Thanks again to our homies over at StonerDays for giving us this amazing insight into the great work that they do. Make sure to check out their new stoner clothing line, Facebook, Instagram, and site