Feature: Integra Boost Humidity Regulator - Keep your cannabis fresh and ready

There’s a new product in the cannabis industry, and it’s not what you think. This product isn’t made of cannabis or cannabis ingredients, but it helps you keep your cannabis almost as fresh as the day you bought it or the day it was harvested. Integra® Boost was created by a dessicant (a substance that sustains moisture) company called Dessicare. This handy little product is looming large on the international cannabis scene because it does one thing and one thing well: keeps your cannabis fresh. In a fiercely competitive industry, you want your cannabis products to stand out, and you want their flavors, aromas, potency, and original quality to arrive to the customer just like they left your cannabis cultivation or production facility. Let’s take a look at Integra® Boost and see how it can help you promote and maintain the quality of your cannabis products (even if it’s just at home in a jar).
What Does Integra® Boost Do?

As Integra®’s Ben Blankenhorn noted, “Atmospheric control is by far the best solution for keeping the freshest flower on the block.” Preservation is what Integra® does best, but there is another side to cannabis freshness preservation that the cannabis industry is consistently addressing: safety. Nobody wants mold on their cannabis flower or products, right? And nobody wants dried out cannabis flower, either. I know I don’t. Too much moisture is the mold culprit, and keeping an even level of moisture in your cannabis container or product is the best way to keep your cannabis consumable. Integra® Boost uses patent-pending technology to release or absorb moisture as needed to maintain 55-62% relative humidity in a contained environment. Boost can be used with all kinds of cannabis products, including flower, shatter, and infused edibles like jerky, baked goods, and hard candies. Integra® can be used at any stage of the cannabis process, so whether you’re drying, curing, storing, or just preserving cannabis or cannabis edibles, Integra® is an excellent safety precaution and flavor preserver.

How did Integra® Get Started?

Funny story: Ben Blankenhorn was on a Food Safety project in Colorado using Dessicare’s PillowPak dessicants to preserve bags of kale (he thought they looked like bags of marijuana at the time). Blankenhorn thought back to time spent in Long Beach, California, when cannabis consumers’ stashes became too dried out for consumption, and realized he had hit upon a fantastic idea that could help keep cannabis fresh. Since Blankenhorn is not an engineer, he asked his R&D director to create a product that would perfectly balance the moisture in a cannabis product and make the humidity stable (Integra® also works for cigars and fresh produce, in case you were wondering). Integra® Boost is made with a glycerin and water solution, which is safe, clean, and effective for everyone in the cannabis community.

What Makes Integra® Boost Different From Other Cannabis Humidity Control Systems?

Blankenhorn noted that there are several reasons that Integra® Boost is the best product to keep your cannabis and cannabis products fresh and here they are:

* Glycerin and water solution comes in a portable pack form
* Boost has been tested by third party labs to ensure no chemical emissions; only water vapor escapes the packs
* Boost will not alter the flavor or aroma of your plants (this is often a problem with other atmospheric control products
* Boost packs are tear-resistant an spill-proof, but are still pliable and easy to use
* Humidity indicators are included in packs to let you know when you need to replace them (some other companies’ packs harden and don’t include these, which means you’d have to open the containers to tell if the packs were not working)

* All ingredients and materials are food grade and food safe* The only company with humidity Regulator Packs that stay at 55% relative humidity

Who Uses Integra Products?

Any company involved in the production, cultivation, transportation, or dispensing of cannabis including medical and recreational products, and even CBD oils can benefit from the Integra® Boost product. Boost can reduce the risks taken on in the industry by increasing patient and consumer safety, and can also reduce waste in the cannabis industry by helping preserve cannabis flower and other products for a longer shelf life and fresher products delivered to retail stores and dispensaries across the nation. Consumers can protect their products at home with Integra® Boost, and they won’t have to throw anything away. As Blankenhorn points out, cannabis and cannabis products need to be regulated, supported, and preserved just like other food and drug products are to prevent illnesses, mold, and wasted product for consumers.

What is Integra’s Vision?

Integra® Boost’s vision is to help the cannabis industry provide the freshest, safest, and best products and flower to the cannabis consuming community across the planet. Dessicare is still doing what it does best, only now it’s found a new way to help protect the public and keep cannabis products at their peak freshness, flavor, and potency.