Drink and Smoke: Weed Coming to Liquor Stores

By Kaitlyn M.
Nova Scotia will be starting to sell weed in their liquor stores very soon.

Canada will be able to legally distribute marijuana in July of next year. This is getting retailers and even government officials scrambling to turn a profit from it. Now one of the main provinces of Canada will be distributing weed in their liquor stores.

What Is Happening?

Nova Scotia, which is a province in Canada on the eastern shore is making a lot of buzz over their latest decision. This is because they have announced that their only alcohol distributor, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation will be selling weed.

As soon as weed is legal they will be putting cannabis and cannabis-related products up on their shelves next to Crown Royal and Jägermeister.

Justice Minister Mark Furey spoke at a recent conference providing his opinion on the subject.

Furey said “The NSLC has the experience and expertise to distribute and sell restricted products like alcohol and now cannabis in a socially responsible way. We believe the NSLC is best positioned to sell cannabis, keeping it out of the hands of young people and making it legally available in a safe, regulated way."


What the People Think

There is no surprise that this has many people discussing if this is a smart move. Or even if it is morally wrong. Some are saying that they feel that those who are wanting to purchase weed who are recovering alcoholics might be pushed back into drinking.

And of course, people are very concerned that selling weed in local liquor stores will make it easier for those who are underage to get their hands on it. However, according to the stores themselves, this will not be a problem. They have said that they are already increasing security personnel and even adding security cameras.

The officials of Nova Scotia and even the retailers themselves feel like they will be able to handle keeping marijuana away from minors without any issues. There are regulations on how much weed Nova Scotians are able to have at a given time. The limit is 30 grams and they must be 19 or older to purchase marijuana.

What is interesting is that it will be up to each individual province as to how marijuana will be handled and sold. Other provinces such as Ontario will be selling weed in their liquor stores as well. However, other provinces such as New Brunswick are opting to go to government-run stores and banning window advertisements for cannabis.

Nova Scotia’s government officials took to the internet to see what their residents thought of liquor and weed selling stores. A poll shows that 51 percent actually preferred stand-alone weed stores, while only 49 percent of voters were in favor of the combination. The vote is very close but the public is still voicing their opinion- they prefer them to be separate not sold together.

I personally can see both negative and positive aspects of this. It is great to see that weed is becoming normalized like alcohol. However, to avoid thefts and underage purchases I think they should take it slow. Maybe only incorporate it into a few stores to see what happens.


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