Does Smoking Weed Help with Weight Loss?

Marijuana has always stirred up the media throughout the world. But now it's stirring it up for a new reason. Does smoking weed help with weight loss?

There are many articles on the internet about weed. Whether it’s about legalization, recipes like marijuana infused brownies, or crazy gadgets. On top of all this, there is the occasional article about cannabis and weight loss. People claiming, they have had a health revelation that they have their cake and eat it too, or in this case smoke it.

smoking weed while working out

I started investigating into this after reading an interesting article written by Catherine Goldberg. In this article, she goes on to say how she’s been finding weight loss success when hitting the gym after smoking a bowl. Catherine has been smoking since she was in high school but she never put her work out life together with smoking until recently. “Before I started using marijuana for exercise, my relationship with the gym was complicated. From a very young age, I noticed my anxiety had a tendency to make me a little obsessive about exercising. I fixated on the numbers on the machines and measuring my process in very quantitative ways” Catherine professed.

Unfortunately, this is something many struggles with when working out. People become obsessed with a certain number they want to weigh or how much they should be bench pressing, instead of thinking about the health benefits they are receiving as well as the dopamine their brains are getting. When she worked out after getting high, she said it was the best work out of her life. Catherine was able to put aside all of her anxieties and enjoy herself to the point of euphoria.

Science Behind It?

According to research, the major active ingredient in marijuana known as THC accumulates in fat tissue from where it slowly diffuses back into the blood. When you exercise, THC that was stored in the fat cells releases and you almost experience the high again similar to after smoking.

The workout becomes easier to manage, which can mean you will work out longer or harder. The studies that were done showed after exercising there was a small yet noticeable increase in plasma THC levels. This can increase the high, as well as increasing the amount of exercise in any given workout.


Smoking will help with weight loss

Unfortunately, there are not many studies done to back up this theory since it is still considered a Schedule I classification substance. However, that doesn’t mean that many like Catherine aren’t proving that there is something there.  

 Is it Just for Creatures of Habit?

Will smoking marijuana on its own help you lose weight? Most likely not, even though we wish it could. The truth is that the so called ‘gym rats’ are the ones who will benefit from this. The ones who are losing weight after smoking are regular gym visitors who take their health seriously.

They are using the euphoric feeling you get after smoking to enhance their workout. Many receive a similar effect from drinking pre-workout, but not quite. It’s the “wow, I feel great and don’t want to stop” feeling. Anyone can use cannabis to lose weight if they are motivated enough to pump some iron.